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Animal Temporary Tattoos That Nature Lovers Won't Be Able to Resist


Do you love all animals? Maybe you have a favorite animal that you’d love to get a tattoo of? Well, temporary animal tattoos are a great way to try out different designs before getting the real thing. At Tatteco, we provide a range of eco-friendly temporary tattoos for you to try. Better yet, they all come plastic free and are delivered in 100% paper packaging.

Our Tatteco temporary animal tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. From the outlines of animals to silhouettes, realistic pieces, and more conceptual designs, we have a range of animal temporary tattoos that you will love!

Different Types of Temporary Animal Tattoos

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we’ve been sharing our planet with a range of unique animals that have continued to evolve with us. From wild to domesticated ones, our love for animals has continued to grow because they remind us of our connection to the great outdoors.

Many animals also have their own symbolism or spiritual meaning. Birds are often a symbol of freedom while elephants, for example, represent wisdom, loyalty, and stability. With this in mind, it is no surprise that animal tattoos have continued to grow in popularity over the years. But, with so many options out there, trying out a temporary tattoo is a must!

There is a huge variety of animal temporary tattoos to choose from. Some of our favorite and most unique designs include:

Elephant temporary tattoos

Elephant family temporary tattoo

Bird temporary tattoos

Birds on a wire

Polar bear temporary tattoos

Minimalist panda bear temporary tattoo

Panda bear temporary tattoos

Panda Bear Face Temporary Tattoo

Dinosaur temporary tattoos

Dinosaurs Temporary Tattoos

Snake temporary tattoos

Matching Small Black Snake Temporary Tattoos

Cat temporary tattoos

Sleepy Cat Temporary Tattoo

Sheep temporary tattoos

Minimalist Sheep Temporary Tattoo

Ladybug temporary tattoos

Ladybug Temporary Tattoo


Tortoise temporary tattoos

Environmentally-friendly tortoise temporary tattoo

Bee temporary tattoos

Bee semi-permanent tattoo

Butterfly temporary tattoos

Butterfly temporary tattoo

Spider temporary tattoos

 Hanging spider temporary tattoo

Pig temporary tattoos

Pig temporary tattoo

Fish temporary tattoos

Blue fish temporary tattoo

While it isn’t easy to navigate through the jungle of temporary tattoos designs out there, we’ve focused on creating small, unique designs. Better yet, we create multiple different designs of the same animals so that you’re not limited to one piece to choose from.

Why Choose a Temporary Tattoo

Temporary animal tattoos are a great way to test out your design before getting it permanently inked into your skin. These animal temporary tattoos are also a great option for those of you who have an animal or wildlife event to attend, for example.

At Tatteco, our temporary animal tattoos are extremely easy to use and last anywhere between three and five days. Best of all, they’re all FDA-compliant and are created with Mother Nature and the animal kingdom in mind, meaning they’re made with high-quality, non-toxic, biodegradable materials that are cruelty-free.

Do you want to try a temporary animal tattoo before getting inked? Check out our Tatteco animal temporary tattoos today to give your new design idea a shot!

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