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Be Jelly With These Temporary Jellyfish Tattoos


Jellyfish tattoos: Small fine line jellyfish tattoo

The underwater depths of the Ocean have enchanted people since the dawn of time. With modern life whizzing past us at a rate of knots, pressures of social media rising and stress levels reaching their limit, people are drawn to the whimsical, watery world of the Ocean. More specifically, the world of the jellyfish. This invertebrate is an ancient and mysterious symbol and is thought to date back over 700 million years. As they float, gently on the ebb and flow of the water they remind us to let go and enjoy life’s journey. Yet, these ethereal beings are steeped in symbolism. In the words of Destiny’s Child, “Are you ready for this jelly”? It’s time to discover the meaning behind jellyfish tattoos.

Fall In Love With Jelly Fish Tattoos

Not only do jellyfish tattoos adapt well to many different styles of tattoo art but they also can be used to symbolize a wide variety of things. Some historians link the Ancient Greek story of the Gorgons, most commonly that of Medusa, to the sightings of jellyfish along the Greek coasts. Aristotle was fascinated by these translucent creatures and wrote extensively about them in his book “Historia Animalium”. In Japan, many myths and legends are based around jellyfish such as the story of “kurage” representing pride and transformation, or the story of Ogonshu, a female jellyfish deity that brings good luck to sailors. In Aboriginal, Native American, Chinese, and many more ancestral cultures, jellyfish play an integral role in storytelling, acting as a symbol of guidance. 

Jellyfish tattoos: Small fine line jellyfish tattoo


Discover the Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

There are many reasons why someone would want to choose a jellyfish tattoo. As jellyfish dance along the water, their graceful movements remind us to go with the flow and ride the waves of life. Their long-flowing tentacles show that wherever we go, our past follows us, requiring us to be at peace with ourselves and maintain a sense of mindfulness. Here are some more common theories behind jellyfish and their meaning.

Opt For a Feminine Jellyfish Tattoo To Represent Intuition

Jellyfish glow from within, providing a visual representation of our own inner power and wisdom. They have survived for millions of years without any bones, brain, or heart to guide them and yet they still know where to go. By placing a jellyfish temporary tattoo onto your skin, you are calling upon your intuition to guide you along your path. 

Choose a Fine-Line Jellyfish Tattoo For Interconnectedness 

Since jellyfish swim in the sea and the sea connects the world’s countries together, the jellyfish has become a symbol of interconnectedness for loved ones living apart. The trailing tentacles and the pulsating forward movement of its body are seen as a sign that the past and the future are always connected and that to be in flow, we must be at peace with both.

Get a Colorful Jellyfish Tattoo to Celebrate Your Spirit Animal

For those whose spirit animal is a jellyfish, getting an image of a jellyfish inked onto your skin is an aesthetic reminder of your valuable qualities. Your ability to connect with emotions on a deep level and your highly tuned emotional intelligence may cause you to feel intense “stings” when hurt. Yet you glow from your core, navigating life’s challenges with ease, just like the effortless nature of a jellyfish swimming through the Ocean’s currents.  

Jellyfish tattoos: feminine jellyfish tattoo


Combine Your Temporary, Cute Jellyfish Tattoo With Other Aquatic Ink

While jellyfish tattoos are fun and playful, why stop there? The Ocean is full of amazing aquatic animals to choose from. Combine designs based on symbolism or create your own underwater world with your ink.

Temporary Jellyfish and Octopus Tattoos

Another sea creature who knows how to go with the flow is the octopus. Famed for their intelligence, this creature combines well with your jellyfish tattoos thanks to their long tentacles. Place both designs where they can adapt to the curves of your body. Your forearm, thigh, or neck are wonderful places for these cute temporary tattoos. 

Jellyfish tattoos: Octopus tattoo on the arm


Temporary Sea Turtle and Jellyfish Tattoos 

Just like the jellyfish, sea turtles are also seen as symbols of good luck. They are admired for their ability to float with ease through the Ocean, despite the weight of their hard shell weighing them down. In Native American Iroquois culture, it is thought that the North American continent exists on the back of a sea turtle. Legend has it that the continent started as a clump of dirt on the back of the turtle’s smooth shell and as the turtle grew in size, so did the land mass. This is why the Iroquois people name their homeland “Turtle Island”.  Combining both motifs into your body art design acts as a reminder that despite the challenges that life presents, we must learn to trust the process. 

Jellyfish tattoos: Sea turtle and jellyfish tattoo


Add a Touch of Whimsical With Temporary Mermaid Tattoos

If you are inspired by the folk stories and exciting myths of ancient times then combine your jellyfish tattoos with other mythical symbols like a feminine mermaid. Seen in many cultures as a symbol of beauty and fertility, the mermaid adds a feminine touch to your body art. Yet, mermaids are also known to lure sailors to their deaths, showing the rough, destructive force of the Ocean. Opt for this eclectic combination if you are battling through tough times in life as both the jellyfish and the mermaid, remind us to trust our instincts and ride the waves of life. 

Jellyfish tattoos: Mermaid tattoo on the wrist


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