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Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Bow Tattoos

Bow tattoos: fine line ribbon bow tattoo

If you are an avid user of social media, you may have noticed that bows are everywhere. And when we say everywhere, we mean it. From the runways to beauty routines, the bow motif has left the ballet studio and has made its way into our everyday lives. Yet it has come a long way from fastening up our pointe shoes or tidying up a ballet bun. It has lost its prim and proper status and has now become a must-have motif for all fashionistas. It has even filtered down into the world of tattoos. So, if you are considering adding this ultra-girly symbol to your collection of feminine ink, why not experiment with temporary bow tattoos first? 

The Benefits of Temporary Bow Tattoos

While it may be tempting to get a permanent tattoo, it is a lifelong commitment that cannot be undertaken lightly. Since trends come and go, temporary tattoos allow you to enjoy all the fun that real ink brings without the need to wear it on your skin forever. You may be a die-hard bun head but it doesn’t mean that your fine-line micro tattoo is something you will want to sport when you are well into your senior years. Plus, the temporary nature of transfer tattoos allows you to experiment with placement before choosing an everlasting ink. But perhaps the biggest benefit of them all is that it is instant and pain-free. Perfect for those who want to update their appearance with a click of their fingers.

The Anatomy of The Tattoo Ribbon Design Trend

Getting a tattoo of a bow is nothing new. People have been opting for this design for decades. However, in the past bow tattoos have been commonly used on the back of the thighs to mimic the 1920s women who used silk bows to hitch up their stockings. Today, these tattoos now mimic the feminine, floaty silk ribbons of pointe shoes and ballet bows. In the early months of 2022 designers such as Carolina Herrera embraced the motif including bows in the fall/winter collections. A year later Simone Rocha joined in the bow craze. Then, in November 2023 bows exploded into our everyday, filling our social feeds with trends such as balletcore and cottagecore. 

Black Ribbon Tattoos

Bows have come a long way since our childhood and have now taken on an elegant, sophisticated appeal. Mirror this aesthetic with a simple, black temporary tattoo that delicately showcases the outline of a ribbon bow.

Dot Bow Temporary Tattoo

Enjoy a playful take on a classic motif with this small bow tattoo made entirely from dots. The dots in this design mirror the precision of ballet, with each dot representing a carefully choreographed step. This petite transfer tattoo will look great placed behind the ear or on the wrist, adding a sophisticated and feminine touch to your appearance.  

Bow tattoos: bow made from dots tattoo


Temporary, Tiny Bow Tattoo

If you want to copy the likes of Hailey Bieber, be inspired by their micro ink and opt for a tiny, black bow that can be discreetly placed in key zones of the body. This design works well as a bow finger tattoo or placed strategically on the side of the hand or wrist. Due to its tiny size, it can easily be covered up or combined with other ballet-inspired temporary tattoos. 

Bow tattoos: Hailey Bieber inspired tiny bow tattoo


An Outline, Temporary Ribbon Bow Tattoo

Sometimes less is more and this can also apply to your body art. When browsing temporary bow tattoos, be inspired by this simple and elegant design that perfectly conjures up images of ballerinas and vintage hair bows. Since this design is slightly larger than the previously mentioned bow tattoos, opt to place it on your forearm where you can catch a glimpse of it as you go about your day.

Bow Tattoos: Fine line bow tattoo


Colorful and Feminine Bow Tattoos

One of the enchanting things about ribbons is the rainbow of colors that they come in. When visiting a fabric store, browsing the range of ribbons is a mesmerizing experience. Bring this sentiment to life with colorful, temporary bow tattoos that add a feminine touch to your appearance. 

Choose a Classic Pink Bow Tattoo

From leotards and tights to tutus and pointe shoes, there is no other color so closely associated with ballet than pastel pink. Celebrate your love for the dance and showcase your dedication with a perfect pink ballet bow temporary tattoo. Place this design on your arm, torso or back of your neck and be inspired to pirouette every time you take a glance at it.


Bow Tattoos: Pink bow tattoo


Temporary Blue Ribbon Tattoos

While pink is the unofficial color of ballet, blue comes a close second. If you don’t want to opt for ultra-girly bow tattoos yet still want to enjoy a pop of color, this blue temporary ribbon tattoo is an ideal choice. What’s more, blue is a color associated with serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom, key characteristics needed to become a successful dancer, no matter what the style. Whether you are a hardcore bun head or an avid onlooker, this elegant, blue bow is a nice alternative to the classic pink ballet bow.  

Bow tattoos: blue bow tattoo


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