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Beautiful Matching Temporary Tattoos for Sisters

 Matching sister tattoos: two matching crescent moon tattoos

The bond shared between sisters goes deeper than blood. Its strength comes from shared experiences, a collective history, and an unbreakable love. Even those who did not grow up together feel a sense of connection that surpasses space and time.

A sense of sisterhood can occur outside of the family, too. Many women describe their closest friends as sisters. When this word is used instead of simply "friend," it denotes a deeper connection. It describes unconditional love and a soul friendship that cannot be replaced.

This is why tattoos are such a popular way to commemorate this sacred relationship. They provide a permanent reminder of the strength and love between them. And they allow sisters to express their bond in a truly unique way.

There are endless tattoo designs that would be perfect for you and your sis. Today we’ll share our top 10 sister temporary tattoos!

#1. Matching 'Big Sis' and 'lil sis' Tattoo

Simple and to the point, there will be no mistaking the relationship between you and your sis with these tattoos. A sister's place in the family often shapes her personality, and this design reflects that. The elder is often seen as the protector and leader, while the younger is viewed as the innocent one who needs guidance.

This design reflects that you value your roles and appreciate how they have shaped your personalities. We have two options for you to choose from: 'Big sis' 'lil sis' temporary tattoo or the 'Big sis' 'lil sis' semi-permanent tattoo (lasts up to two weeks!). 

Matching sister tattoos: big sis lil sis tattoos


#2. 'Sister' Word Tattoo

For those who prefer a design with no ambiguity, simply inking the word 'sister' on your skin could be the way to go. You might choose to get this tattoo on your own or get a matching one with your gal(s). Try out our handwritten ‘sister’ sticker tattoo or the 2-week version for a design that lasts much longer.

This tattoo can be as simple or embellished as you like. You can choose any font, size, and color that represents your relationship. For those who want a design with a special touch, we recommend our 'sisters' love fake tattoo, which includes a heart for a whimsical touch.

Matching sister tattoos: Sister word tattoo


#3. Infinity Symbols

The infinity symbol is understood worldwide as a representation of an eternal bond. It can represent never-ending love, loyalty, and friendship. What better way to commemorate your sisterhood than with a tattoo that symbolizes eternal bonds?

You could choose to get a traditional infinity symbol to represent your relationship or opt for a version that incorporates the word 'sister'. We suggest you browse our entire collection of infinity symbol temporary tattoos to see if any of these variations perfectly represent your relationship.

Matching sister tattoos: Infinity symbol sister tattoo


#4. 'Forever Together' Matching Tattoo

If you and your sis are inseparable, this tattoo is for you! A 'forever together' matching tattoo sends a clear message that no matter what life throws your way, you will always be there for each other. You could also add a small heart or flower to personalize the tattoo.

This design is particularly powerful for siblings separated by distance. You might not be able to see each other as often as you would like, but this tattoo will help you feel closer to each other when you're apart.

Matching sister tattoos: Together forever tattoo


#5. Lock and Key temporary Tattoo

If your sister holds the key to your heart, this is your tattoo design! The lock and key tattoo is a popular choice, as it symbolizes your unique connection. No one else has the key to your heart except your sister, and this tattoo is a beautiful way to represent that.

Our eco-friendly lock and key matching tattoo is a great option for those seeking a matching tattoo. For a design with a similar meaning, we also have this key and keyhole variation for you to consider. 

Matching sister tattoos: lock and key matching tattoos


#6. Matching Heart Tattoos

You can't go wrong with a classic heart tattoo, and this design is especially apt for sisters. A heart tattoo symbolizes love, so what could be more appropriate than a matching tattoo that celebrates your love for each other? You could get a small heart tattoo or go all out with an intricate design.

If you're ready to try out this design, we have several options for you to consider. Our matching ephemeral tattoos are a great way to experiment with this type of design before making a commitment.

Matching sister tattoos: Three vertical heart matching tattoos


#7. Pinky Promise

How many times have you asked your sis or best friend to pinky promise as you were growing up? The pinky promise symbolizes trust and sisterly love, making it the perfect design for siblings. You could get a small tattoo or go for something bigger and more elaborate.

Our pinky promise temporary tattoo features the simple outline of a heart and two interlocking pinkies. You could use this as a standalone or a matching tattoo to get with your soul sista.


Matching sister tattoos: Pinky promise heart tattoo

#8. Two Butterflies

If you prefer a more subtle reference to your bond, our butterfly couple design is a great option to consider. Butterflies are symbols of change and new beginnings, which makes them an appropriate choice for siblings who have gone through major life changes together.

These fascinating creatures are also thought to represent the soul, so featuring a pair of them in your next tattoo is a beautiful way to honor the soul connection you feel.


Matching sister tattoos: Two butterflies flying tattoo

#9. “Women” Temporary Tattoo by Tukoi

Looking for a more intricate, thought-provoking design? Tukoi’s design featuring two women is ideal for sisters who want to make an statement with their ink. This fake tattoo is a work of art that will inspire anyone who sees it.

It features the outline of two women in a peaceful, contemplative pose and incorporates flowers, crescent moons, and stars. The use of this symbolism enhances the feminine meaning of the tattoo and makes it even more special.


Matching sister tattoos: Drawing of two woman boho tattoo

#10. Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are always a popular choice, and they make beautiful matching tattoos. Flowers symbolize growth, new beginnings, and unconditional love, which makes them an excellent way to commemorate your bond.

You could incorporate flowers into your tattoo design in so many different ways. You could choose two identical flowers for a matching tattoo, or you could each pick your favorite flower and ink it in similar places.

Here are a few of our favorites for you to consider:


Matching sister tattoos: Pink flower tattoo on the back

Share your ideas with us!

We hope this article inspired you to try a matching tattoo with your sister. All of our temporary and semi-permanent tattoos are skin-safe and made from eco-friendly materials, which means you can try out many different designs without worrying about your impact on the planet!

Did we forget to include your favorite matching sister tattoo in our list? If you've used our temporary tattoos with your girl squad, we'd love to see them. Share with us on social media (@tattecogram) or email us your best photo!

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