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Empowering Temporary Tattoos for Women


In many ancient cultures, women were highly respected and played central roles in their communities. Stories abound of powerful female rulers, mystics, and goddesses. Yet, as we emerged from ancient times, there was a dramatic reversal in how women were perceived, particularly in the Western world.

Only relatively recently, women were given the right to vote, own property, and manage their finances. Until this point, women were the property of their fathers or husbands and considered mentally inferior to men. 

Oh, how the times have changed. In just the last 150 years, the role of women in society has changed dramatically once again. While we have not yet reached true equality in terms of pay and gender expectations, a woman is no longer seen as an entity that belongs to a man.

Instead, women stand on their own feet, serving as leaders and examples to the future generation of women. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the feminists who shaped the world we live in today. Through their hard work, grit, and determination, they were able to change perceptions and achieve rights for women that were previously unthinkable.

If you’re considering getting a tattoo to honor the women who came before you and your place in the world today, you’ll love this list of empowering temporary tattoos for women! Below you’ll find our most popular feminist fake tattoos, which can inspire you as you search for your next tattoo design. 

If you’ve already decided which one to get, then our temporary and semi-permanent tattoos are the ideal way to try before you buy! They come in sets of three (or two, in the case of our 2-week tattoos), so you can try out placements and get a feel for whether this is the right choice for you.

Without further ado, here are our most popular female empowerment temporary tattoos!

‘My Body My Rules’ Sticker Tattoo

my body, my rules

This ‘my body my rules’ sticker tattoo is a powerful statement that references a not-too-distant past when women’s bodies were not their own to control. Fortunately, today, women in most parts of the world have the autonomy and freedom to control how they use their bodies and who has access to them.

These words also reflect a desire to maintain that autonomy. As lawmakers clamor to create new laws, women are voicing concerns about their independence being taken away. Our ‘my body my rules’ temporary tattoo makes a strong statement about the need to maintain control and not allow anyone else to make decisions about your body.

‘I am enough’ Temporary Tattoo

I am enough temporary tattoo

Many women fall into the familiar pattern of trying to please everyone around them, while neglecting themselves. Or they attempt to change or improve themselves to appease others.

If you identify with this, you might enjoy our handwritten ‘I am enough’ ephemeral tattoo. This phrase can be empowering and serve as a reminder that you are strong, capable, and perfect exactly as you are. It can be a daily reminder to love and accept yourself, flaws and all.

You can use this fake tattoo when you need a temporary boost or to try out placements before getting inked. If you want a version that will last longer, our skin-safe ‘I am enough’ semi-permanent tattoo is the perfect choice for you. 

GRL PWR Fake Tattoo

GRL PWR temporary tattoo

Consisting of just six letters, our eco-friendly GRL PWR fake tattoo has come to embody the modern feminist movement. For women around the world, this is a rallying cry to show up as strong, independent women who are ready to take on the world.

In recent years, our small GRL PWR temporary tattoo has become more popular as an increasing number of women choose to get these letters inked on their skin. Women feel more successful and powerful than ever before, and this design is a great way to show off this sense of self-confidence. 

‘Alis Volat Propriis’ Temporary Tattoo

Alis Volat Propriis temporary tattoo

One of the most famous feminist fake tattoos in our collection is this ‘alis volat propriis’ temporary tattoo. This Latin phrase is translated to mean "she flies with her own wings'' and is often used as a tattoo design to represent strength, independence, and self-reliance.

For many women, this phrase is a reminder to always stay true to oneself and pursue one's dreams. The image of a bird flying high in the sky is a powerful symbol of freedom, and this design can inspire you to reach new heights. Whether it is a reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity or a motivational tool to pursue one's goals, this is a great design to consider.

If you prefer these words in English, we suggest this plastic-free ‘she flies with her own wings’ fake tattoo instead. 

‘She Persisted’ Fake Tattoo 

She persisted temporary tattoo

Our handwritten ‘she persisted’ fake tattoo features words that skyrocketed into popularity in the United States when Senator Mitch McConnell attempted to block Senator Elizabeth from speaking in 2017.

Feminists around the world latched onto this phrase, and it quickly went viral. Instead of using it as McConnell had intended, they claimed this phrase as their own and proudly used it to describe how women will never give up. It’s a proud reference to women’s persistence in achieving equality and letting their voices be heard.

Angry Uterus Temporary Tattoo

Angry Uterus temporary tattoo

The angry uterus meme is another example of a design that has had a huge impact after it went viral. Today, the image of a woman’s uterus extending the middle finger is seen everywhere, from coffee mugs to t-shirts. And, of course, women are choosing to get it inked on their skin. Our angry uterus temporary tattoo is a great way to try out this bold design.

Claimed as a feminist symbol, this uterus giving the middle finger fake tattoo shows the anger many women feel about laws created to control their reproductive choices. By choosing to get this design inked on your skin, you’ll be making a powerful statement about who should make decisions about your body. 

Nefertiti Temporary Tattoo

Nefertiti Bust Silhouette Temporary Tattoo

For something a bit different, we suggest this eco-friendly Nefertiti temporary tattoo. While many will recognize the bust of this famous queen of Egypt, not everyone understands how she is a symbol of feminism.

Queen Nefertiti was more than just a pretty face; she was also a highly influential queen who wielded considerable power within the Egyptian court. In fact, some historians believe that she may have even ruled as Pharaoh at one point during her husband's reign. Nefertiti was known for her independent thinking and her willingness to challenge tradition. For these reasons, she has become an icon of feminism and a symbol of female empowerment. Indeed, her story continues to inspire women worldwide who strive to achieve equality and reach their full potential.

‘She Designed a Life She Loved’ Fake Tattoo

She Designed A Life She Loved

Our eco-friendly ‘she designed a life she loved’ fake tattoo is another popular phrase that reminds us of the times when women had no freedom to control or design their lives. Today we have much more power and can take charge of our destiny - this fake tattoo is the perfect way to claim that control! It’s also a great reminder to create a life that will make YOU happy rather than doing things to please others. 

Which Feminist Fake Tattoo Will You Choose?

We hope you enjoyed this short tour of some of our favorite and most popular feminist fake tattoos. We encourage you to browse through all of the designs in our feminist temporary tattoo collection to check out other designs that you may find inspiring.

We also have an enormous collection of word fake tattoos, many of which are relevant to the topic of female empowerment! Many of these words offer a way to connect your personal story to the larger sisterhood and provide you with hope, motivation, and encouragement on your journey.

Whichever one you decide on, we’d love to see a photo of you trying out our fake tattoos! Share with us on social media, and don’t forget to tag @tattecogram so we can check it out too.

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