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Our Top Sacred Geometry Temporary Tattoos

Sacred Geometry Spirituality

The study of sacred geometry has intrigued humankind for millennia. Today, this complex topic continues to fascinate people who seek to identify and understand patterns in the natural world.

The appeal of sacred geometry extends beyond any specific religion or belief system. Instead, it is revealed in many belief systems, philosophical approaches, and scientific studies.

Given the universal appeal of sacred geometry, it’s hardly surprising that so many people choose to get a tattoo featuring one of these forms. It’s a meaningful way to connect with the inherent patterns of the universe while reflecting on our place within it. Today we’ll explore some of our favorite designs with you. 

What Is Sacred Geometry? 

Before diving in, we’ll give a brief description of sacred geometry, which has appeared at many points in history and in many cultures. The term “geometry” comes from the Greek words geos for “earth” and metron for “measure.” It references the practice of examining the shapes and mathematical formulas found in nature.

Sacred geometry is the practice of connecting to these geometric patterns and compositions. Because these patterns are found repeatedly in nature, many people believe they are divine in origin. For most people, the study of sacred geometry provides a way to connect to the divine.

For many people, sacred geometry demonstrates that we are all connected through a divine pattern or energy. By understanding and working with this energy, we can create more harmonious lives and relationships. It is a powerful tool for transformation that can promote personal growth, healing, and manifestation.

It would be impossible to fully explain sacred geometry here - after all, people have dedicated their entire lives to studying these principles! But, we can share some of our favorite sacred geometry temporary tattoos so that you can explore these important symbols for yourself.

Our Favorite Sacred Geometry Fake Tattoos 

#1: Flower of Life Temporary Tattoo

Flower Of Life Temporary Tattoo

Our Flower of Life temporary tattoo features one of the most sacred and revered symbols in many cultures around the world. The design consists of a grid of overlapping circles that are equal in radius. The result is a beautiful structure that has been found throughout history, with the earliest artifacts appearing around the 7th century BCE.

According to spiritual traditions, the Flower of Life contains the patterns of all Creation and thus serves as a template from which all things can be created. In this sense, it is seen as a sacred blueprint for existence itself.

The Flower of Life has been found in artwork from ancient cultures across the globe, such as Egypt, China, Greece, and India. It is still widely used today in a variety of contexts, including as a symbol of unity and interconnectedness.

#2: Metatron’s Cube Temporary Tattoo

Metatron's Cube Temporary Tattoo

For many people, there is no better example of sacred geometry than our Metatron’s Cube temporary tattoo. In fact, this design is often considered synonymous with sacred geometry because it contains all of the geometric patterns in existence!

The hexagons found in a honeycomb, the fractals of a snowflake, and the spiral patterns within the sunflower can all be seen in Metatron’s cube. The term first appeared in the Jewish Kabbalistic texts about a guardian angel who created the cube from his own soul.

Metatron's Cube is a particular arrangement of thirteen spheres that represent the thirteen fundamental frequencies of the universe. The spheres are arranged in a three-dimensional grid, with each row, column, and diagonal adding up to the same number. This design has been used throughout history as a tool for meditation and contemplation and remains a powerful symbol of unity and harmony.

#3. Kabbalah Tree of Life

Kabbalah Tree of Life Temporary Tattoo

This eco-friendly Kabbalah Tree of Life fake tattoo depicts a design with its roots in ancient Assyria, where artifacts have been discovered dating back to the 9th century BCE. While the Assyrians may have been the first to use the design, it is most well-known for its association with the Jewish mystical tradition. 

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a central symbol that is often depicted as a branching tree with 10 leaves, representing the 10 sefirot, or divine attributes. The tree represents the divine creation of God's creation, including humankind, the soul, and our spiritual path. It can be seen as a model of reality, with the tree forming a map of all creation. 

In addition, the Tree of Life is often used as a tool for meditation and contemplation. By focusing on the image of the tree, practitioners can attune themselves to the Divine Presence and find inner peace.

#4. Unicursal Hexagram Sticker Tattoo

Unicursal Hexagram Temporary Tattoo

While our unicursal hexagram sticker tattoo may appear to be a simple geometric design, the complexity and history of this symbol runs deep. In fact, this design, which is also known as the “Star of David” is one of the building blocks of sacred geometry. 

The unicursal hexagram depicts a six-sided shape, which is in a single continuous line without lifting pen from paper. It is an ancient symbol that has been used in many cultures and religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. 

The hexagram represents the union of heaven and earth or the interplay of positive and negative forces. In recent years, it has also been adopted as a symbol of the global community and the interconnectedness of all beings. 

This form of sacred geometry is often used in tattoo design due to its simple design and powerful meaning. We also have a small unicursal hexagram temporary tattoo for those seeking a smaller version. 

#5. Mandala Fake Tattoo

Mandala temporary tattoo

Mandalas have become a popular motif in recent years as more and more people incorporate Eastern spiritual practices into their lives. But many people don’t realize that our small mandala fake tattoo is a form of sacred geometry!

In Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is a sacred symbol with deep spiritual significance. It literally means "circle" in Sanskrit. In its most basic form, a mandala is simply a circle enclosing a square; however, most mandalas are much more complex, with multiple concentric circles and intricate geometric patterns.

Many believe that the mandala represents the universe itself, with the outermost circle representing the cosmos and the innermost square representing the individual soul. As such, it is seen as a path to self-knowledge and enlightenment. 

Sacred geometry is used to create mandalas, including this flowerage mandala fake tattoo, because it is believed that specific geometric shapes and proportions can generate powerful energies. You could use our plastic-free mandala semi-permanent tattoo as a tool in meditation, as its repetitive patterns can help to focus the mind. 

Which Sacred Geometry Fake Tattoo Is Right for You?

One of the best things about exploring sacred geometry is the ability to create eye-catching designs, artwork, and tattoos based on these principles. Whether you view sacred geometry as a representation of the universe’s architecture or the fingerprints of God, there is no denying the beauty of these forms.

If you’re considering permanent ink, our collection of sacred geometry temporary tattoos offers you the easiest way to try out these ancient designs before committing.

Which one are you considering? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - we love seeing how you use our temporary tattoos!

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