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Show Your Connection with These Family-Inspired Temporary Tattoos

Family Love

Families are the basic unit of human society. From our earliest days, these groups were considered sacred, representing the deepest connection we feel with other people. The bond between family members is difficult to describe, but it encompasses a sense of deep love, loyalty, shared history, and genuine affection for each other.

The importance of family is universal to all cultures around the world. As such, it forms the core of what makes us human and serves as a point of reference when we relate to and understand those from other cultures.

Given that family is such a vital part of who we are, it’s no surprise that so many people choose to get a tattoo to honor these essential relationships. Tattoo art is an excellent way to show off your unique personality and honor your family.

You really can’t go wrong with a family-inspired tattoo, but it can be challenging to choose the perfect one for you! There are so many different themes to consider. For example, you might choose a design that features an animal known for its commitment to family. Or maybe you’re thinking about a classic word tattoo.

If you’re feeling a bit lost, then this blog post is for you! To help inspire you, we’ll share some of our most popular plastic-free family temporary tattoos. You can use them to try out different design concepts and experiment with placements. 

These family-inspired sticker tattoos are also the ideal way to try out matching tattoos with members of your own family! This is a wonderful way to show the world your bond and be reminded of your connection no matter how far apart you might be.

Family Word Temporary Tattoos 

Word tattoos are a classic option that never goes out of style. Here are some of the most popular family-focused word temporary tattoos from our collection: 

‘Ohana’ Temporary Tattoo: In Hawaiian culture, our eco-friendly ‘ohana’ fake tattoo has a deep and significant meaning. It refers to the concept of family, but not just in the traditional sense of immediate relatives. Rather, it encompasses the extended family, including cousins, grandparents, and members of one’s community. It also references the concept of togetherness and the support one receives from their ohana. For many people, our ‘ohana’ fake tattoo is a reminder of the special bond that exists between members of an ohana.

Ohana temporary tattoo

‘Family First’ Temporary Tattoo: While we all know it’s important to put our family first, it can be challenging in today’s busy world. Our ‘family first’ fake tattoo can remind you to value your family above money, work, and society’s demands and never take them for granted. It is a simple way to show you value your family above all else. And in today's busy world, that is a powerful message indeed.

Family first temporary tattoo

Celtic-Inspired Family Temporary Tattoos

Some of the most beautiful ecological family-inspired sticker tattoos in our collection are created in the Celtic tradition, incorporating elegant knots to reflect the tight ties that bind a family.

Family of Four Unity Symbol Temporary Tattoo: Referencing a classic Celtic knot, this design uses a series of loops to create an image of two adults side by side with a child in each lap. The loops in our family of four Celtic knot temporary tattoo make it appear that both the parents and children are holding hands. This is a beautiful and thought-provoking way to honor your family and your heritage.

Family unity symbol temporary tattoo
Family Unity Symbol Temporary Tattoo: Similar to the design above, this Celtic family unity fake tattoo features two adults side by side, but with just one child seated between them. The interlinking lines show the unbreakable bond that holds this family of three together.

Family Unity Symbol Temporary Tattoo

Celtic-Inspired Fake Tattoos for Mothers

In ancient Celtic culture, the role of the mother was one of particular importance and reverence. The mother was seen as the embodiment of the goddess and was responsible for bringing new life into the world. She was also seen as a source of wisdom and strength, and members of the community often sought her advice.

We have several beautiful fake tattoos that specifically honor the special relationship between a mother and her child or children. You don’t need to have Celtic ancestry to enjoy or appreciate the simple elegance of these designs.

Celtic Mother & Child Temporary Tattoo: This popular design is a variation of a classic Celtic knot. Through a series of loops, the bodies of a mother and her child are shown. Our mother and child temporary tattoo depicts the tender way a mother holds her child close to her heart forever.

Mother Child Symbol Temporary Tattoo

Mother & Two Children Sticker Tattoo: This Celtic knot uses a series of knots to portray a mother holding two children in her arms. It is a meaningful design that conveys how children will always remain close to their mothers’ hearts, even as they grow up and move out of their arms. We also have a small mother with two children fake tattoo if you prefer something smaller.

Mother and two children symbol temporary tattoo

Mother and Daughter Symbol Temporary Tattoo: This popular design is likely not of Celtic origin, but it reminds us of the interconnected loops found in Celtic knots. Our mother and daughter symbol fake tattoo references the shape of an infinity sign, giving credence to the everlasting nature of the love between a mother and her girl.

Mother and daughter symbol temporary tattoo

Mother and Daughters Symbol Fake Tattoo: This design is a version of the one shown above but incorporates the shapes of two young girls. Our mother and two daughters symbol temporary tattoo is perfect for a mother of two.

Animal Family Fake Tattoos

Animals are a common motif when it comes to family-inspired fake tattoos. Many people choose their favorite animal and then create a design that features this animal. For example, if you’re a dog family, you might create a design with two large dogs and three smaller ones to show your 2 + 3 family. 

Or you might pick an animal that is commonly used to symbolize the strength of the family unit. Elephants, for example, are often associated with motherhood and familial loyalty. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Elephant Family Sticker Tattoo: Is there any cuter way to showcase your family bond than with this elephant family sticker tattoo? In many cultures, elephants symbolize family and motherhood because they live in close-knit herds led by a matriarch. They are also extremely loyal and protective of their young, going to great lengths to care for them. In addition, elephants have a long life span and form strong bonds with other herd members. This makes them ideal symbols of family, representing the importance of lineage and continuity.

Elephant family temporary tattoo

Butterfly Family Temporary Tattoo: If butterflies are your vibe, you’ll love this butterfly family fake tattoo. This design can also be used to symbolize some of the other meanings of butterflies, including beauty, hope, and transformation. It would be a meaningful way to honor the changes your family has experienced together over the years.

Minimalist Flying Birds Semi-Permanent Tattoo: Another beautiful way to represent your family is with this flock of four birds semi-permanent tattoo. It’s a great way to use a beloved motif while honoring your own family. Birds are frequently used to symbolize freedom, so this design could show that you believe family members need freedom to grow and develop as individuals.

Minimalist flying birds temporary tattoo

Cow Semi-Permanent Sticker Tattoo: Cows are another animal frequently used to symbolize family and motherhood. You might choose this long-lasting cow temporary tattoo to honor your role as a mother or use it as a matching tattoo with an important family member.

Cow temporary tattoo

Fake Tattoos for Siblings

Many times, siblings will choose to get matching tattoos as a way to represent their connection. This is a meaningful way to be reminded of your bond no matter how far apart you are. Here are some of our favorite sibling fake tattoos:

Sisters Love Temporary Tattoo: This is a word tattoo with a cute twist! Designed with a handwritten font, our sisters love fake tattoo features a heart at the end of the word to show the deep love shared between sisters. It is often chosen as a matching tattoo and comes in a set of three, so it’s perfect for sharing with your sisters!

Matching ‘Big Sis’ and ‘Lil Sis’ Fake Tattoos: If you and your sister are looking for a sweet design that shows your place in the family, then our matching ‘big sis’ and ‘lil’ sis fake tattoos is a wonderful option to consider. This is an elegant way to show the connection the two of you share.

Matching big sis and lil sis temporary tattoos

Matching Three Siblings Temporary Tattoos: For a group of three siblings, our matching three siblings fake tattoos are a great choice. This design shows the birth order of each sibling, with the number below indicating that there are three siblings in total. It’s an excellent way to show how strong the bond is between you and your sibs. 

Which Family Fake Tattoo Is Right for You?

The best thing about our collection of family-inspired temporary and semi-permanent tattoos is that they give you an easy way to try out different designs before making a commitment. So if you haven’t settled on a design yet, grab a few of your top choices and try them out!

Most of our designs come in a set of three (or two, in the case of our semi-permanent collection), so you might need to grab a couple of sets if you want to try a matching tattoo with your family members.

We love to see how our fake tattoos look - share your photos with us on social media and tag us on Instagram so we check them out!

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