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12 Stunning Temporary Tattoo Designs for Spiritual Souls


Tattoos have evolved from a neglected millenary tradition to a well-accepted method of expressing our identity as individuals. For people that follow religious traditions, tattoos can become tangible symbols of their spiritual beliefs and a reminder that the universe is ruled by forces greater than themselves.

Even if you don’t want to make the permanent commitment that comes with inking your body, temporary tattoos allow you to brandish the spiritual symbols that hold value to you.

If you’re looking for the best temporary tattoos with spiritual meanings, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ll go over the advantages of impermanent ink and share 12 temporary tattoo designs that revolve around spirituality.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoos

As the name suggests, temporary tattoos are made with a special dye that is not permanent. Sometimes referred to as stick-on tattoos, this type of ink boasts of incredible designs that feature intricate patterns and come in all sizes.

Temporary ink can be placed in most parts of the body and they can feature custom designs created by professional tattooers. In addition, this type of tattoo is usually made with natural, hypoallergenic ink that lasts one to two weeks.

Finally, temporary tattoos allow you to reuse parts of your body! Getting a permanent tattoo means that you can’t reuse that exact area (unless you want a cover-up or opt for laser removal), but you don’t have to worry about this conundrum with non-permanent ink.

12 Stunning Temporary Tattoo Designs for Spiritual Souls

The spiritual connections we cultivate are personal and intimate, so it makes sense to find a delicate temporary tattoo with a powerful message.

Here are 12 stunning temporary tattoo designs we cherry-picked to reflect spirituality.

God is Greater

The tattoo itself doesn’t employ any sacred symbols, but the artists used a common mathematical expression to remind the wearer (who happens to be Nick Jonas) that God is greater than the ups or downs that life throws his way.

God is greater than my highs and lows eco-friendly temporary tattoo

God is greater eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Hand of Fatima

Also known as the hamsa symbol, this ancient icon has a wide range of meanings. In African and Middle Eastern cultures, this symbol is worn as a talisman that protects against evil forces, giving you good juju wherever you go.

Small hamsa eco-friendly temporary tattoo

The Unalome Symbol

The unalome comes from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. This sacred symbol actually has two slightly different meanings, they both revolve around the path to enlightenment or perfection, if you will.

In the Buddhist tradition, the curves and twirls represent the hardships endured on the path of life. The straight line represents the achievement of enlightenment and the three fading dots serve as a reminder of our own mortality.

In some forms of Hinduism, the unalome is the third eye of the sacred deity Shiva and it represents wisdom. The Hindu version of the symbol often includes a lotus flower as well, which is said to represent the passing of adversities on the way to achieving perfection.

Unalome eco-friendly temporary tattoo

The Semicolon

The semicolon has become a symbol of hope for people combating mental health issues. Unlike a period, the semicolon represents an open conversation, which symbolizes the ongoing effort that life represents.

Small semicolon eco-friendly temporary tattoo

A Cross With Words Integrated

The cross is perhaps the most widely recognized religious and spiritual symbol. You can get creative and maintain a simple shape while adding a word like “faith”.

Faith cross eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Love Infinity

The infinity symbol is an ancient icon with a powerful spiritual connotation. Although its origins are unclear, the never-ending loop that reminds us of a lop-sided figure 8 is associated with the eternal and ever-lasting. For this reason, many believers use it to express the strength of their faith.

Infinity love eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has powerful connotations in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. It has become a global symbol for defeating adversity and overcoming the challenges you face.

Fine line lotus flower eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Small fine line lotus eco-friendly temporary tattoo 

A Little Self Love

Self-love and compassion are essential elements for people that practice a spiritual lifestyle. This tattoo may be small, but it serves as an important reminder that it’s impossible to truly love or help someone else until we embrace who we are.

Self-love eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Simple Cross Design

If you’re looking for a spiritual symbol that is not pretentious, having a simple cross strategically placed may be the best option.

Minimalist cross eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Always loved

In today’s materialistic world, love can sometimes become a secondary priority. This tattoo is spiritual because it reminds us that we have to not only love those around us, but also allow ourselves to be loved by our friends, family, and partners.

Always loved eco-friendly temporary tattoo  

This Too Shall Pass

Focusing on the negative side of things is too easy, especially if bad things keep piling up. But, life has a funny way of telling you that everything will get better, and to be fair, it almost always is.

It’s nice to have a small reminder of this and that’s exactly what this tattoo does. It works as a reminder that even though things seem tough at the moment, nothing stays on a bad note forever.

This too shall pass eco-friendly temporary tattoo

The She-Devil

Spirituality is about balance, and wherever there’s light there must also be darkness. The She-Devil tattoo is a playful way to portray this idea. Sweet yet seductive, it reminds you to embrace all parts of who you are.

She-Devil eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Choosing the Best Placement for Your Temporary Tattoo

Although they are not permanent, choosing the right placement is crucial if you want to get the most out of your temporary tattoos.

Select an area that doesn’t rub against your clothes or other parts of your body. The design of the tattoo may also influence this decision, so you should constantly look at the design and figure out how it will work with your personal style.

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