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11 Temporary Tattoos That Are Considered to Bring You Good Luck


Do you believe in lucky charms? Maybe you have a symbol, drawing, or spirit animal that you believe will bring you good fortune at some point in your life? Well, lucky charms are common across all cultures and religions. For many, they are a symbol of hope. They act as a constant reminder that today could be the day that all of your dreams come true.

Today, fake tattoos have become an extremely popular way for people to carry their lucky charms with them wherever they go. So, whether you want to ward off evil spirits, keep sickness at bay, or just have a few wishes you’d love to come true, here are X temporary tattoos that are considered to bring good luck:

  • Ladybugs

ladybird Tatteco temporary tattoo

Lucky ladybird temporary tattoo Tatteco

  • Elephants

Elephant family Tatteco temporary tattoo

Little baby elephant temporary tattoo

  • The Ankh symbol

Ankh symbol temporary tattoo Tatteco

  • Nazar amulets

Nazar evil eye amulet Tatteco Temporary Tattoo

  • Keys

Tiny love key temporary tattoo Tatteco

  • Four-leaf clovers

Four Leaf Clover Temporary Tattoo

  • Shooting stars
Matching shooting star temporary tattoos
  • The eye of Horus

Eye of Horus temporary tattoo

  • Pigs

Cute pig face temporary tattoo

  • The Hamsa

Hamsa temporary tattoo

  • Eyes

Tiny evil eye temporary tattoo

Different Forms of Lucky Charms

Lucky charms vary between cultures and countries. Some find their good luck symbols in nature in the form of a four-leaf clover or an acorn while others believe in lucky animal totems, for example, bats, certain birds, dolphins, and elephants. But, the list is not limited to the plants and beings we find in nature.

Lucky charms also come in the form of objects and symbols. Dream catchers, horseshoes, and even spiritual figures such as the Buddha are all thought to bring good luck in one way or another.

The Purpose of the Lucky Charm

Good luck charms are often led by superstition and deep-rooted history. These symbols and superstitions originated from folklore, religion, and legend. While they’re thought to bring good fortune, many of them are also believed to offer a specific form of luck. For example, in Germany, pigs are associated with fertility, as is the Pysanka, an Easter egg decorated with intricate designs.

In some cultures, good luck charms are thought to protect people from the evil eye, the legend of a malicious glare that is said to cause harm. Symbols believed to ward off the evil eye include the Cornicello, an Italian horn, as well as the Mano Figa, and the Nazar, to name a few.

The Benefit of Temporary Tattoos

While many rush straight into getting a real tattoo of their lucky symbol, temporary tattoos are a great ecological and affordable alternative that allow you to try various designs before paying for the real deal.

If you’d like to test a few designs before getting a real tattoo, our Tatteco temporary tattoos are an ecological alternative that are reasonably priced. Made of non-toxic materials, all of our temp tattoos come in plastic-free packaging and are designed to last anywhere between 3 and 5 days.

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