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Animal Temporary Tattoos

Animals have served as inspiration for classic novels, songs, documentaries, television series, and, of course, tattoos. From pandas to dragonflies, turtles, and birds, all animals serve a purpose that helps maintain a balanced ecosystem. This collection of ecological l temporary tattoos of animals allows you to connect with your wild side and show appreciation for our nature-born neighbors that make the world a better place.

There’s no denying that humans and animals have a deep bond. Today, cats, dogs, and other animals serve as faithful partners and companions. Some ancient civilizations revered some animals and learned to live in harmony with the living beings around them. Even today, animals still have a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem, which is the reason why some organisms have become symbols for equilibrium, hope, and rebirth.

Every single animal has a different connotation based on its unique characteristics. For example, birds represent freedom, turtles symbolize your origins, and elephants stand for family.  Not only this, each one of us can have a unique meaning for a specific animal, like a family symbol or personal representation.

Our cruelty-free, eco-friendly temporary animal tattoos are ideal for environmentally conscious people. If you’re looking for biodegradable animals temporary tattoos, our collection below will surely have what you’re looking for.