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Number Temporary Tattoos

All modern cultures and civilizations use numbers for a wide variety of purposes. From mathematical formulations to record-keeping and everyday activities like shopping, numbers have become part of our identity as humans. Our collection of biodegradable number temporary tattoos printed on 100% paper packaging celebrates dates, individual digits, values with pop culture significance, and other important figures.

In the Chinese zodiac, it’s believed that the year we’re born directly affects our personality and other traits, which can help explain many scenarios in a person’s lifetime. Each year is attributed to an animal that shares some of the traits of the people born in this timespan. For instance, people born in the year of the horse are hard-working, enthusiastic, and positive.

All of our number eco-friendly temporary tattoos are printed using plastic-free, non-toxic materials and our collection features a wide variety of dates including the 1980s, making them ideal for your next temporary piece.

Numbers also have an important place in pop culture. From new-wave holidays like Single’s Day, which uses the digits 11:11 as its official symbol, to the magical Platform 93/4 features in the Harry Potter series, there are many numbers that everyone can understand and relate to. If you’re looking for an eco-conscious number temporary tattoo, our collection will certainly have something for you.