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Flower Temporary Tattoos

Flowers are beautiful, resilient, and fulfill an important purpose. From roses to orchids and geraniums, flowers come in an almost infinite variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Likewise, flower temporary tattoos can portray a huge number of blossoms, including wild flowers, roses, and plumerias.

In many cultures and religions, flowers have a sacred connotation and are usually symbols of fertility, balance, peace, passion, enlightenment, wisdom, and much more. Additionally, flowers can be found in all types of plants including trees, shrubs, vines, succulents, and event cacti, so they are one of the most diverse and widely-used reproductive structures found in our vegetative friends.

In eastern cultures, flowers like the lotus are regarded as a symbol for purity and rebirth, both of which are important from a spiritual perspective. Similarly, roses can also have different meanings based on their color. For example, yellow is for friendship, white is for innocence, and red roses represent never-ending passion.

All the tattoos found in this collection are printed on recyclable paper, making them an environmentally-responsible, ecological alternative for people who want to see more flowers in the world. If you’re looking for flower temporary tattoos, browse through our collection to find the right design.