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Rose Temporary Tattoos

Known as one of the most beautiful flowers in the natural realm, the rose has been a representation of love, passion, power, and success for a very long time. Roses come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes, so each tone has a different connotation that can vary from sadness and mourning to joy and celebration. Our collection of rose temporary tattoos features beautiful black-line designs so that you can give your temporary piece a unique meaning of your own

Today, countries like England regard the rose as a national emblem because it represents union and peace in a tumultuous time known as the War of the Roses. In other parts of the world, this delicate and delightful flower is regarded as a symbol of family and femininity. For some, the thorns on the roses serve as a reminder that nothing is perfect and even beautiful things can have a negative side.

The different colors found on roses represent different emotions or ideas. For instance, red is for passionate love, yellow for friendship, pink is for gratitude, and orange for enthusiasm. Purple roses also represent love at first sight while white petals are known as a symbol of innocence and humility.

This collection of rose temporary tattoos is printed on biodegradable paper using non-toxic, safe ink, so it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for your next temporary piece.