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Love Temporary Tattoos

Love is in the air with these sweet and environmentally friendly temporary tattoos.

There are many types of love, but there is no question that this is the purest and most powerful of all emotions. Friends, family members, and couples share unique kinds of love between one another, but they all stem from deep caring and appreciation. Our collection of love temporary tattoos is designed to capture these little moments, allowing you to share a visual representation of the feelings you have for other humans.

Friendships are all about support and being there when times get tough. This temporary love tattoo collection features pinky promises, triple-matching hearts, fingers crossed, and other designs that symbolize the different friendships we build throughout our lives.

In this collection, you’ll also find mother and child as well as other family-oriented temporary tattoos. Furthermore, many people forget that the person you have to love most is yourself, and our temporary tattoos that have phrases like “Love Yourself” are a great reminder of that.

Finally, those looking for a representation of their romantic love can choose from anchors, heart outlines, red hearts, infinity logos, key and keyhole matching tattoos, and other designs that depict their relationship. Our love temporary tattoos are also ecological and environmentally-friendly because they are printed on recyclable paper and made with non-toxic ingredients.

Want to find a love tattoo to share with a friend, family member, or partner? Check out our collection for some great ideas.