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Quote Temporary Tattoos

Beautiful and eco-friendly phrase and quote temporary tattoos for women and men.

Words and phrases have powerful connotations that go beyond their literal meaning. Different phrases can give you strength, remind you of a positive emotion, or showcase the power of your faith. Not only this, but thanks to the thousands of languages out there, you now have an endless combination of styles, quotes, and tongues to choose from. Our quote temporary tattoo collection is inspired in powerful phrases and our global identity as humans.

For some of us, having a quote temporary tattoo is a great way to get an emotional boost when we need it most. Self-love and compassion are crucial for a happy life, and phrases like “Love Yourself First,” “This Too Shall Pass,” and “Alis Volat Propriis” can provide strength and remind you to be courageous when times get tough.

Quote temporary tattoos are also an amazing choice if you want to share a feeling with a friend or loved one. It’s common for friends and close relatives to get matching temporary phrases like “Stay Wild” or “You Only Live Once” to represent the strength and duration of their bond.

All of our quote temporary tattoos are printed on recyclable, biodegradable paper using non-toxic ink, so they are an eco-friendly choice for your next non-permanent phrase.