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Lettering Temporary Tattoos

Whether you opt for permanent or temporary pieces, tattoos can help convey a message and communicate emotions. While some rely on abstract imagery and well-known symbols, the lettering temporary tattoos found in this collection allow you to express certain ideas clearly and concisely through words, quotes, phrases, dates, and numbers.

Writing is an ancient form of communication and its earliest origins have been traced to the Sumerian civilization that inhabited ancient Mesopotamia around 3500 B.C. Modern syntax and other language elements allow us not only to capture ideas, but also to use the same structure as we use when speaking.

In other words, writing is another way of speaking and sharing complex ideas with one another. Modern languages are a result of thousands of years of mixing, refining, and adopting elements from different sources, which is one of the reasons why writing is such a powerful instrument. The temporary lettering tattoos in this collection revolve around emotions, spirituality, self-love, spontaneity, symbolic numbers, dates, and similar themes.

All of our tattoos are made from biodegradable paper, so they’re an environmentally-friendly, ecological alternative for your next temporary piece. If you’re looking for lettering temporary tattoos that feature phrases, dates, numbers, or words, this collection is for you.