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Small Watercolor Forget-me-not Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Small Watercolor Forget-me-not Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Lena Fedchenko

Small Watercolor Forget-me-not Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Small watercolor style forget-me-not temporary tattoo.

Tattoo Artist / Designer Lena Fedchenko
Nº of tattoos 3
Size 1 in / 2.4 cm (height)

When it comes to flowers, the forget-me-not reigns supreme when it comes to rich historical symbolism. This tiny, beautiful blue flower has become the symbol for several important movements and associations, in addition to being a traditional flower to express remembrance and love.

The story behind the forget-me-not goes like this. Two lovers were walking along a river when the man decided to pick some blue flowers for his sweetheart from the river’s edge. Sadly, he was swept into the river. As he drifted away, he begged his lover not to forget him. From that day on, these lovely blue flowers have been associated with remembrance and are often given as a way to honor those who have passed.

Our forget-me-not temporary tattoo was created in collaboration with Lena Fedchenko, a talented tattoo artist from Russia who is known for her unique watercolor style. Featuring a single stalk of blue forget-me-nots, this full-color fake tattoo will add a touch of elegance and beauty wherever you place it.

Forget-me-nots are also used as an iconic symbol for several groups of people. It is a symbol of remembrance and awareness for the Armenian Genocide, serving as a reminder that we can never let these atrocities occur again. The Alzheimer’s Society uses it to raise awareness and support the families who suffer. Whether you want to wear this design for its symbolism or to help raise awareness for these movements, our forget-me-not temporary tattoo comes in a set of three, so it’s the best way to experiment before committing to permanent ink.

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