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Astronomy Temporary Tattoos

Astronomy inspired environmentally friendly temporary tattoos for women, men, and people of all genders.

Astronomy is the study of space, celestial objects, and the universe as a whole. It’s an important branch of science because it helps us identify the events that occur beyond our atmosphere and allows us to understand how these unique occurrences affect our reality. This collection of temporary astronomy tattoos can help you capture this essence and rock some of the most iconic celestial symbols to your next big event.

Stars, the moon, and different constellations have been observed for thousands of years. From the Babylonian to the Greek, Indian, and Mayan empires, many ancient civilizations studied the stars for spiritual, scientific, and practical reasons. The Mayans used the constellations to guide them during long travels, a practice that was also used by sailors across the world.

The more we learn about the planets in our solar system, the more we understand ancient cultures and their fixation with the heavens. This collection of temporary astronomy tattoos features minimalist designs that depict our entire solar system, including Pluto. You can also opt to rock a small image of Earth or dazzle everyone with a small Saturn and its iconic ring system.

Looking for an astronomy temporary tattoo that’s out of this world? Check out our collection and you’ll surely find something you love.