Infinity Love Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Infinity Love Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Infinity Love Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Infinity love temporary tattoo.

Nº of tattoos 3
Size 1.4 in / 3.5 cm (width)

There is nothing more powerful than when someone tells you that they will love and cherish you forever. And, what better way to express this sentiment than with the right tattoo? While hearts are common tattoos used to symbolize love, our infinity love temporary tattoo is a striking and meaningful piece that truly shows that your love is stronger than anything in the world.

Delicate and made using a variety of lines, our infinity love temporary tattoo combines the word love into the infinity symbol. Created using non-toxic, high-quality materials, this piece is the perfect green alternative for the eco-conscious out there. It is made without plastic and is delivered in 100% paper packaging. Best of all, all of our temporary tattoos are FDA-compliant and great for men and women of all age groups.

While love-related tattoos are often worn by couples, they can also be used to symbolize the love you have for a friend or family member. Whether you want to express infinite love to a partner, child, sibling, parent, or friend, our infinity love temporary tattoo is a subtle piece that can remind you of that special person every time you see it.

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  • Tattecos last 2-5 days on average
  • Plastic free, environmentally friendly product and packaging
  • Safe & non-toxic 
  • FDA-compliant
  • We suggest placing the Tatteco on oil-free areas where the skin does not stretch and keeping them clean!


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