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Minimalist Diplodocus Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Minimalist Diplodocus Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Minimalist Diplodocus Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Minimalist Diplodocus Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Minimalist Diplodocus Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Minimalist fine line style diplodocus temporary tattoo.

Nº of tattoos 3
Size 0.8 in / 2 cm (height)

Many people are attracted to dinosaurs. In childhood, dinosaurs are a common focus and even an obsession for many kids. What is it about dinosaurs that intrigues us so much? Their enormous size is one aspect that fascinates and delights us. Of equal interest is the fact that these walking giants are no longer among us. Naturally, we are obsessed with something we cannot see or know.

Dinosaur tattoos are appealing for many reasons. Some people choose to get a dinosaur tattoo because they love archeology and paleontology. Others will choose a dinosaur tattoo for its symbolism. Strength and power are two common meanings attached to dinosaur tattoos. But many people get dinosaur tattoos simply because they like how they look! There doesn’t always need to be a deep meaning behind a fun tattoo like this one.

Our minimalist diplodocus temporary tattoo depicts a very cute dinosaur looking over his shoulder. Perhaps this is a cautionary tale to remain aware of changes in the future that could cause you harm so you don’t become extinct! Or you might try this fake tattoo because it is super cute and a fun way to wear your favorite animal.

This dinosaur fake tattoo comes in a set of three, so you can experiment with different placements or share one with a friend. In an effort to protect our planet, we have created these plastic-free fake tattoos using eco-friendly materials and 100% recyclable papers.

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  • A regular Tatteco lasts 2-5 days on average. A semi-permanent Tatteco, around 14 days.
  • Regular Tatteco How-To
  • Semi-permanent How-To
  • We suggest placing the Tatteco on oil-free areas where the skin does not stretch and keeping them clean!
  • Environmentally friendly product and packaging
  • Safe, FDA-compliant, created using eco-friendly materials, such as soy-based inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • Tattecos come in sets, perfect for experimenting with different placements, trying out a matching tattoo or sharing one with a friend


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