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Per Aspera Ad Astra Semi-Permanent Tattoo - Set of 2
Per Aspera Ad Astra Semi-Permanent Tattoo - Set of 2
Per Aspera Ad Astra Semi-Permanent Tattoo - Set of 2

Per Aspera Ad Astra Semi-Permanent Tattoo - Set of 2

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Long lasting “per aspera ad astra” two week tattoo.

Nº of tattoos 2
Size 2.8 in / 7 cm (width)

Tattoos featuring Latin phrases are a popular way to embrace classic phrases and the beauty of this historical language. If you’re looking for a design that will inspire you to achieve your goals, then our cursive font ‘per aspera ad astra’ semi-permanent tattoo is a wonderful option to consider.

Our ‘per aspera ad astra’ long-lasting tattoo features words that are thought to originate from the Roman poet Virgil, who used it to describe the heroic journey of Aeneas, a character from Greek mythology. Translated literally, this phrase means “through hardships to the stars” and represents the idea that success is only achieved through hard work and perseverance.

Our skin-friendly ‘per aspera ad astra’ semi-permanent temporary tattoo is particularly appealing for those who have faced difficulties on their journey. The message is one of hope and determination, and it reminds us that even when the path is difficult, we can reach our destination if we keep moving forward.

Life is full of challenges. If you need a bit of motivation or inspiration, our ‘per aspera ad astra’ long-lasting fake tattoo is an elegant way to give yourself a boost each day. Our 2-week tattoos are designed to last on your skin for around 14 days and come in a set of two, so you can use this design to experiment before getting inked or just place it on your skin when you need an extra dose of motivation! If you like this design be sure to check out all of the Latin quotes in our collection of 2-week temporary tattoos.

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  • A regular Tatteco lasts 2-5 days on average. A semi-permanent Tatteco, around 14 days.
  • Regular Tatteco How-To
  • Semi-permanent How-To
  • We suggest placing the Tatteco on oil-free areas where the skin does not stretch and keeping them clean!
  • Environmentally friendly product and packaging
  • Safe, FDA-compliant, created using eco-friendly materials, such as soy-based inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • Tattecos come in sets, perfect for experimenting with different placements, trying out a matching tattoo or sharing one with a friend


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