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Small Tatteco Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Small Tatteco Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Small Tatteco Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Small Tatteco Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Small Tatteco Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Small version of Tatteco's hummingbird logo  temporary tattoo.

Nº of tattoos 3
Size 0.4 in / 1 cm (width)

Hummingbirds stand out from their fellow birds thanks to their tiny size, unusual movements, and bright colors. Throughout history, many cultures have been drawn to these fascinating creatures, and today they are a popular motif in tattoo design. For anyone considering permanent ink, we suggest experimenting with this small Tatteco hummingbird temporary tattoo, which comes in a set of three.

In general, our tiny Tatteco hummingbird fake tattoo is seen as a symbol of joy, lightness of being, and good luck. The bird is known for its playful nature and ability to hover in mid-air. For many people, a hummingbird tattoo represents the joy of living and the beauty of nature. The tattoo can also be a reminder to stay positive and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

The meaning of our small Tatteco hummingbird sticker tattoo will vary based on the wearer’s culture and beliefs. Some Native American tribes associate hummingbirds with healing, while others see them as bringers of good luck. In China, these tiny birds symbolize long life and good health. To the Aztecs, hummingbirds were messengers of the gods, while in the Christian tradition, they represent hope and salvation. 

Given all these fantastic meanings, it’s not surprising that our small eco-friendly Tatteco humming temporary tattoo is such a popular choice. Check out this fine line hummingbird fake tattoo for a more delicate interpretation.

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  • A regular Tatteco lasts 2-5 days on average. A semi-permanent Tatteco, around 14 days.
  • Regular Tatteco How-To
  • Semi-permanent How-To
  • We suggest placing the Tatteco on oil-free areas where the skin does not stretch and keeping them clean!
  • Environmentally friendly product and packaging
  • Safe, FDA-compliant, created using eco-friendly materials, such as soy-based inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • Tattecos come in sets, perfect for experimenting with different placements, trying out a matching tattoo or sharing one with a friend


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