Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Capricorn Zodiac symbol temporary tattoo.

Nº of tattoos 3
Size 0.4 in / 1 cm (height)

Are you looking for a way to proudly show the world that you are a Capricorn? Our Capricorn zodiac symbol temporary tattoo is perfect for Capricorns or anyone who wants to honor a special Capricorn in their life.

Capricorn is depicted as the sea goat, a mythological creature with the head and body of a goat, and the tail of a fish. For this reason, Capricorns are known for their ability to navigate any situation with ease. Our temporary tattoo uses the traditional zodiac sign for Capricorn to illustrate this enchanting sign.

This tattoo comes in a set of three, so you can share it with your Capricorn friends or experiment with new placements before getting inked. Consider pairing the Capricorn sign with other temporary tattoos in our range such, as the earth sign or Saturn tattoos. We also have a Zodiac sign set for those who want to celebrate the individuality of each sign of the zodiac. 

Our temporary tattoos are perfect for eco-conscious individuals. You can recycle every part of our fake tattoos, including the packaging they arrive in. The tattoos are created from vegetable ink and non-toxic adhesive, so you can rest assured that you are making an environmentally-friendly choice when you choose this Capricorn tattoo.

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  • Tattecos last 2-5 days on average
  • Plastic free, environmentally friendly product and packaging
  • Safe & non-toxic 
  • FDA-compliant
  • We suggest placing the Tatteco on oil-free areas where the skin does not stretch and keeping them clean!


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