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Celebrate Halloween with These Temporary Tattoos

It’s the time of the year when the leaves are changing, darkness falls earlier than expected, the weather cools down to a crisp chill, and all of those mean one thing: Fall is here.

And what better way to kick off the fall season than celebrating one of the most fun holidays of the year, Halloween, where everyone dresses up in an outfit to make memories that will last forever.

Whether you plan your complex costume months in advance, or you simply throw on a set of kitty ears to get in the Halloween spirit, holiday-themed accents can add an extra touch of spooky to the season.

We offer an array of temporary tattoos that are perfect to show off at parties or along the streets while you’re trick-or-treating with the little ones (who will hopefully share some of their delicious candy.)

What makes Halloween the most fun is getting to really lose yourself in the fun of the night, no matter how old or young you are. Embrace the excitement and enjoy all that comes with the spookiest night of the year…

So if you’re looking for a way to really get into the Halloween spirit this year, here’s a selection of our spookiest designs that will turn heads of everyone throughout the night.

#1. Boo Ghost Semi-permanent tattoo

The boo ghost semi-permanent tattoo takes what’s probably the most universal symbol of Halloween and adds a playful touch to it. It shows a sense of fun and playfulness and won’t scare off anyone too quickly. 

The ecological fine line ghost fake tattoo is a little on the spookier side and mimics the ghosts we’ve imagined in the scary stories we were told as children. It’s a perfect Halloween addition that screams, “Happy Halloween!”

We also have a simple ghost sticker tattoo that’s equal parts spooky and silly.

#2. Dancing Skeleton semi-permanent tattoo

Another extremely popular symbol of the season is skeletons, as seen in our eco-friendly dancing skeleton semi-permanent tattoo. Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean the party stops. This guy sure knows how to have a good time and is an incredibly unique design that shows that it’s never too late to have some fun. This also comes in a dancing skeleton temporary tattoo as well.

#3. Skull temporary tattoo

If you’re more interested in the top of the skeleton rather than the whole body, the skull sticker tattoo is a perfect choice. Whether you see them hanging from trees or carved into pumpkins, this symbol looks great.

If you’re looking for something more unique with intricate designs, we also offer a set of beautifully made sugar skull ephemeral tattoos.

#4. Hanging spider temporary tattoo

Another perfect addition to celebrate Halloween night is the hanging spider fake tattoo. Its realistic design can make people think there’s an actual spider spinning a web wherever you’ve placed this tattoo.

We also have a plastic-free spider temporary tattoo without the web for an even more realistic look. But don’t worry, this guy won’t bite… hard.

#5. Spiderweb temporary tattoo

And where there’s a spider, there’s a web, like the one seen in our spiderweb temporary tattoo. This realistic design may not have a spider in it, but it’s just as creepy. But this design begs the question, “if the spider’s not there, where is it?” We also have a plastic-free spiderweb semi-permanent tattoo.

#6. Number 13 semi-permanent tattoo

If there’s one number to make sure the night will be an unlucky one, our number 13 long-lasting temporary tattoo will get the job done. Once people see that number, they’ll get spooked, hopefully leaving some candy behind them when they run away. But on a night like Halloween, being unlucky may not be so bad. We also offer an ecological number 13 temporary tattoo as well.

#7. Tiny ghost temporary tattoo

Sometimes it’s better to be cute than creepy. This tiny ghost temporary tattoo is the cutest little thing there ever was. It’s almost so cute that you want to put it in your pocket rather than wear it on your skin. But rest assured, it looks great and although it’s small, will be appreciated by the many people who are lucky enough to get a glimpse of it.

#8. Black cat on the moon temporary tattoo

Lastly, the creepiest themes on Halloween are what you’ll find in our black cat on the moon temporary tattoo. Because if there’s one thing you don’t want crossing your path on the scariest night of the year, it’s this cat who’s looking down at everyone, taking in all of the holiday spirit.

There are a few variations on this design in our ecological black cat looking at the moon sticker tattoo and our black stretching cat ephemeral tattoo.

Which Halloween tattoo will complete your look this season?

However you choose to get into the spooky spirit this year, this list is full of options to playfully piece together your costume or seriously scare your friends and family. It’s such a fun holiday filled with exciting activities for people of all ages.

It’s a time to have some fun and not take anything too seriously. Make some new friends, catch up with some old ones and scare each other to death, just for the fun of it.

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