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Red is the New Black: How To Wear Temporary Red Tattoos

Red Tattoos: 777 red angel number tattoo

While black will always be a top choice for tattoos, red ink is becoming increasingly popular thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora opting for crimson ink for their tats. If you have been tempted to add a new color to your existing collection of tattoos or are just intrigued to play with temporary red tattoos, be inspired by our round-up of the best designs for this colorful ink trend. Red ink is also known for causing more skin irritations so before you opt for the real deal, it is always best to experiment with flash tattoos first while you research. 

The 411 on Red Tattoos 

While red ink tattoos give a dainty and feminine touch to your tattoo art, there are some key things to consider before you commit. As mentioned above, itchiness, bumps, rashes, and slow healing time are just some of the adverse reactions associated with red tattoos. Not to mention the heavy toxic load of the ink itself. Originally red ink would have been made from the cochineal bug but this expensive and lengthy process is not commercially viable. Later cinnabar (a form of mercury sulfide) was used before being switched to iron oxide pigments. Due to this complex chemical formula, red ink is also harder to laser away if you wish to remove your tattoos. This is why, we say, it is always best to experiment with temporary red tattoos first before committing to a specific design or style. 

The Origins of Temporary Red Tattoos

Red temporary tattoos just like their real-life counterparts, have their origins deeply rooted in ancient, ancestral designs. The Egyptians used red ink to symbolize vitality and life force for Maori people in New Zealand used red ink tattoos to honor the dead. However, it is within Asian culture that the color red holds strict symbolism. In Japan, the Ainu people mixed red ink with soot to create intricate and sacred facial tattoos for protection and strength. Today, red ink tattoos in Japan are associated with the Yakuza organized crime group. Meanwhile, today in age, the Chinese look at red ink as a sign of wealth and good fortune. These influences have filtered through to the Western world and have become a permanent fixture in modern tattoo culture, especially with the 90s revival trend.

10 Temporary Red Tattoos To Inspire Your Next (Or First) Ink:  

From dainty and delicate red roses to powerful, attention-grabbing handwritten tattoos, there are so many ways to add red ink to your collection of body art illustrations. 

1. Temporary Red Butterfly Tattoo

The 90s-inspired butterfly tattoo lends itself perfectly to the temporary red tattoo style. In fact, this specific design is a symbol of transformation, passion, and rebirth. Place it where it can be seen so that you can reflect on your personal journey or combine multiple red butterflies together to create a larger design that can sweep up your forearm or lower leg. 

Red Tattoos: red butterfly tattoo


2. Red Bow Temporary Tattoo - A Great BFF Ink

If you love the legend of the “red thread” and believe that you are connected to your loved ones by destiny this design is a wonderful way to express your feelings. This tiny design looks great when placed on the finger, like a ring. This placement allows you to see the red ink all the time, reminding you of your shared bond with every glance. This temporary tattoo is a great one for sharing with your BFF

Red Tattoos: red little bow tattoo

3. Temporary Red Chili Pepper Tattoo

Turn up the heat on your tattoos with this spicy, simple, fine-line red chili pepper. Whether you want to celebrate your zest for life and sense of fearlessness or you want to showcase your fiery personality, this design is a fun way to do it. Yet, in some Native American cultures, a red chili tattoo can represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water, and acts as a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Red Tattoos: Red chili pepper tattoo


4. Red, Temporary, Slithery Snake Tattoos 

With many red ink reptiles popping up on social media, this design is one of the most popular at the moment. The long, meandering body presents endless placement options from the curve of the neck, the thigh, the forearm, or even the back. Snakes are also associated with divine feminine wisdom and internal strength making them wonderful choices if you want to tap into your Goddess energy. The red serpent is a symbol of fresh starts, transformation, seduction, and personal protection - what’s not to love?

Red Tattoos: snake tattoo


5. Red Cherries Temporary Tattoo

Capturing the ruby appearance of cherries mixed with this retro design makes it the ideal design for red ink. Not only are cherries a symbol of deep passion they also represent intense love and devotion. If you are looking for matching couple tattoos, this is a perfect choice. 

Red Tattoos: Red cherry tattoo


6. Red Anatomical Heart Temporary Tattoo 

If you are looking for a non-spiritual design for a mindfulness tattoo, the red anatomical heart temporary tattoo is a great way to remember the fleeting essence of human existence. The medical diagram of a heart symbolizes each heartbeat - the rhythm of life, placing our mortality at the front of our minds. Don’t waste a heartbeat, live your life with passion and love. 

Red Tattoos: red anatomical heart tattoo


7. Little Kiss Mark Temporary Tattoo 

A lipstick kiss mark tattoo is one of the most playful designs out there. If you want to connect to your sensual, feminine side without taking yourself too seriously, this design is ideal. Since this temporary tattoo is small, it can be placed in a wide variety of areas. The back of the ear, the wrist, or the hands are all great places for this eye-catching tattoo.

Red Tattoos: red lipstick kiss mark tattoo


8. Sexy Scripted Temporary Tattoos

If you are looking for a flirty temporary tattoo, a cursive, handwriting design such as this “Bite Me” tattoo is as sexy as it gets. Have fun with this playful design and experiment with placements that are not so PG-13. Your bum cheek, bikini line, or on your breast are all risque zones that lend themselves to this handwriting temporary tattoo. 

Red Tattoos: Red bite me tattoo


9. Temporary Playing Card Diamonds or Hearts Tattoos

The Jack of Diamonds symbolizes curiosity, adventure, and new experiences. So, if you are newly single or are planning a big life change such as a gap year or relocation, this temporary ink is a great reminder to stay open to opportunities and enjoy the magic of the moment. Remember not to be afraid of change and approach life with the same positive, light-hearted energy as the Jack of Diamonds. 

Red Tattoos: Jack of diamonds tattoo


10. Red Fire Flame Temporary Tattoo

Just like a phoenix who rises from the ashes, your strength and resilience get you through life’s tough challenges. Celebrate your determination and inner passion with a red fire flame tattoo that sparks your drive at every glance. Place this close to the heart for added symbolism or display it for all to see on your wrist, neck, or behind your ear. 

Red Tattoos: red fire flame tattoo


Curate a Look With A Red Ink Collection

If you are ready to dive all in and embrace the temporary red tattoos trend, then you will love the crimson, fine line, feminine designs by artist Jakenowicz. This collection contains only red ink so that you get playful with designs while still maintaining a consistent look. Choose between a red moon rose temporary tattoo, composed of a beautiful red fine line style rose and a small crescent moon, a poppy, a morning star and many other sophisticated designs.

Red Tattoos: Daisy red face tattoo


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