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Just Like A Prayer: Temporary Minimalist Christian Tattoos We Love

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Large minimal cross tattoo

Tattoos may be a taboo topic within the Christian community, but experimenting with temporary ink allows you to have all the fun of regular ink without commitment. For many, religion runs skin deep. Minimalist Christian tattoos are a novel and creative way to express your spiritual beliefs with the world and celebrate your faith in God. Experiment with designs, placement, and sizes, and have fun customizing your body with temporary ink. Mix and match designs or opt for a single, stand-out design. Whatever you choose, these symbols of faith are a great reminder to stay true to your beliefs when life’s journey takes a rocky turn.

Celebrity-Inspired Minimalist Christian Tattoos

We can always rely on celebrity trendsetters to inspire our fashion and beauty choices. When it comes to minimalist Christian tattoos, celebrities such as Justin Bieber are not shy to show their devotion to faith. Bieber sports not one but two visible Christian tattoo symbols:  a large cross on his chest and a tiny, micro tattoo cross on his cheekbone. Katy Perry has Jesus’ name tattooed in cursive font across her wrist. Meanwhile, David Beckham’s Hebrew prayer tattoos on the forearm from Proverbs 3:1 on his arm are a reminder to follow God’s teachings at all times.  So, if you are doubting which faith temporary tattoo to choose, look at your favorite celebrity and see how they wear their faith on their sleeve - literally. 


Minimalist Christian Tattoos: A small black bible tattoo

Choosing Symbols of Faith Tattoos

Whether you attend church or not, temporary minimalist Christian tattoos are a wonderful way to feel connected to your faith. Yet, with so many designs to choose from, it is good to do your research first to discover the meaning behind early Christian symbols and modern-day religious motifs

The Meaning of These Popular Faith Affirmations

Back in the days of the Bible’s Old Testament until fairly recently in history, many people were unable to read or write and relied heavily on symbols as a universal way to communicate. Religious iconographies such as the cross or crucifix, the Ichthys fish, staurogram, or the Chi Rho symbol can be dated back to the early days of Christianity. Many of these symbols relate to Jesus’ crucifixion whereas the Christian fish symbol represents Jesus’ miracles. Be enlightened by these ancient symbols or find inspiration in modern faith tattoos and have fun showcasing your belief in God with temporary tattoos. 

Discover These Temporary Unique Christian Tattoos

Since religious symbols transcend language barriers, they make great designs for tattoos. Whether you choose a faith cross tattoo or a dove with an olive branch tattoo, there are many creative ways to display your spiritual belief. Experiment with the placement and styles of these temporary designs and have fun playing with minimalist Christian tattoos. 

Small God is Greater Than The Highs and Lows Temporary Tattoo

When it comes to Christian, minimalist temporary tattoos, there is nothing more unique than this abstract design. Created using a combination of less and more symbols, this creative design is a wonderful reminder to stay true to your faith even during life’s toughest moments. Wear this on your wrist, forearm across your elbow, or anywhere you can easily catch a glance of it. 

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: God Is Greater Than My Highs and Lows Symbol Tattoo


The Creation of Adam Temporary Tattoo

Religion has long been a favorite topic of classic artists and Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam is no exception. This temporary tattoo is an art history buff’s dream. The image of the two hands touching forms part of a fresco painted for the roof of the Sistine Chapel. It depicts the moment when God imparts life to Adam, the first human and the origin of all human life today. If you want to display your faith without resorting to the typical symbols used in minimalist Christian tattoos, this is a perfect choice.  

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Fine line creation of Adam tattoo


Faith Handwriting Quote Tattoo

While you could opt for a traditional quote temporary tattoo, this “Faith” design takes its meaning seriously by turning the “F” into a cross. When symbols don’t spark inspiration, words always find a way to reach the heart with their powerful meaning. The combination of the two makes this design an extra special reminder to stay strong and have faith in God’s plan.  

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Handwriting faith tattoo


Variations of Cross Temporary Tattoos

The cross is the main icon of the Christian faith symbolizing God’s ultimate sacrifice to cleanse the world of its sins. It can be displayed in all different sizes, as a simple fine-line style cross, or decorated with various adornments such as flowers, nature, or even animals. 

A Tiny Cross Tattoo Symbol of Faith 

If you are following the micro-tattoo trend, temporary minimalist Christian tattoos fit wonderfully into this less-is-more aesthetic. Opt for a simple thin, fine-line cross and place this dainty ink anywhere from the flat of your ear to the side of your hand. Plus, the tiny nature of this ink makes it a subtle choice if you want to experiment with temporary tattoos in a conservative, stylish way. 

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Tiny, fine line cross tattoo


Wave Cross Temporary Tattoo

Moses is cited in the Bible for parting the Red Sea to let the Israelites flee from Egypt. This miracle, the work of God, is a poignant moment in the Old Testament and is symbolized in this design by the large crashing wave. The wave is also placed where the horizontal line of the cross would normally be, stylishly combining two designs into one. If you are a lover of the Ocean and want to be reminded of your faith, this design can be placed on your forearm as a reminder of God’s power and his presence through life’s ups and downs. 

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Wave and cross fine line tattoo


Flower Cross Temporary Tattoo

Many people opt for a decorative cross, extending the symbolism of their temporary minimalist Christian tattoos. Choosing symbolic religious tattoos that incorporate flowers not only adds a decorative touch but it intertwines the meaning of each bloom with the Christian faith. For example, in this design, the simple outline of a cross is mixed with delicate lily flowers. Lilies are widely associated with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus thus elevating this design’s significance further, making it an ideal choice for a mother.  

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Floral cross tattoo


Temporary Small Religious Tattoos on Wrists and Hands

One of the most visible places on our body, the wrist is a very popular place to display ink thanks to its flat, even surface which can easily be covered by bracelets or clothing. The hands are an ideal canvas for tiny temporary tattoos but it is worth noting that temporary ink placed here will fade quicker due to hand washing and exposure to the sun. Looking for your next small temporary ink? Browse these designs and make your tattoo dreams and instant reality. 

Temporary Faith Fish Tattoo

The early Christians referred to this design by the Greek word “Ichthys” which translates to “Son of God” or “Savior”. It is believed to symbolize Jesus’ many miracles and it is thought to have been used by Early Catholics when they were being persecuted for their faith. To easily identify themselves, believers would draw a symbol of a fish and see if it was reciprocated. Today, it is a nice reminder of the work of Jesus and a way to feel connected to his teachings. Since the design is small, wear it on your wrist so that you can catch glimpses of it throughout the day.  

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Jesus Fish Tattoo


Rosary Finger Temporary Tattoos

Believers will be very familiar with the importance of carrying a rosary with you. These prayer beads are a key symbol in the Christian faith with each bead representing a prayer between you and God. Yet, sometimes it may not always be possible to carry your physical beads with you which is why this simple, finger tattoo depicting rosary beads is a wonderful choice for those wanting to strengthen their connection with God. The rosary is also associated with the Virgin Mary and the key events in the life of Jesus. Be reminded of your faith with each glance of this temporary minimalist Christian tattoo.  

Minimalist Christian Tattoos: Rosary finger tattoo


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