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Introducing Our Latest Collaboration: Temporary Tattoos by EMBA


Emba: woman and cat tattoo

Tatteco is known for its diverse temporary tattoos, ranging from classic motifs to cutting-edge designs. But did you know that many of our most popular designs are created in collaboration with artists and tattooists from around the world?

We love creating these collections because they let our customers try out designs from international artists without leaving the comfort of their homes. Our latest collection is a collaboration of temporary tattoos by EMBA, a tattoo artist from Uruguay who is known for his minimalist aesthetic. The collection features the unique style that has put him on the map.

Today we'll give you a preview of the designs in our latest collection of eco-friendly temporary tattoos.

Tatteco + EMBA

Emiliano Matias Batista Andreoli was born in Uruguay, where he lives and works today under the artist name EMBA. He is known for his minimalist line drawings, which have earned him a large following on social media.

In addition to being an artist, EMBA is frequently commissioned to create designs that will be inked by other tattoo artists around the world. His attention to detail and thought-provoking imagery have made his designs highly sought-after.

Using only black ink, EMBA's minimalist illustrations typically feature the human form. Each one has an underlying message and multiple interpretations, making them a top choice for those drawn to designs with layered meaning.

His delicate line drawings follow the minimalist style and are quite delicate in their nature, referencing the transient nature of the human experience.

At Tatteco, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting collaborations that will allow us to expand our offerings and bring unique temporary tattoos to our customers. So when we came across EMBA's designs, we knew we had to work with him!

This collection of eco-friendly temporary tattoos by EMBA is the perfect addition to our growing collection of international artists. We are inspired by his unique minimalist aesthetic and can't wait to see how our customers use his designs.

Try out EMBA's Fake Tattoos!

This is Tatteco's first collaboration with EMBA, and we're excited to introduce his unique style to our customers. The collection features 16 designs, all of which are created from plastic-free, 100% recyclable materials.

Ellipsis by EMBA Temporary Tattoo

Look carefully at this intriguing minimalist line drawing, and you'll see the hidden picture. The outline of two faces looking away from each other and separated by three dots tells a story. It's up to you to interpret its meaning!

Emba: Ellipsis tattoo


Plastic-Free Anatomical Hug Fake Tattoo by EMBA

The outline of two figures locked in an embrace is both beautiful and thought-provoking. What's the story behind this design? Only you can decide.

Emba: Anatomical hug tattoo


Soulmate Sticker Tattoo by EMBA

This minimalist fake tattoo features two figures in a tender pose of affection. It's a beautiful way to honor the love of your life - you could also consider using this as a matching tattoo with your soulmate.

Emba: Soulmates tattoo


EMBA's Self-Love Temporary Tattoo

This design is a reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves. The simple line drawing of a person with their arms around themselves is a powerful image that will resonate with many. Wear this design to remind yourself to practice self-love, or share it with a friend who needs a similar reminder.

Emba: Self love hug tattoo


Basic Instinct Ephemeral Tattoo by EMBA

A simple line drawing depicting a woman with crossed legs, this design references the infamous film of the same name. Whether you see this as a symbol of feminine intrigue or a protest against misogyny, the design is sure to be a conversation starter.

Emba: woman's legs tattoo


True Love Temporary Tattoo by EMBA

This minimalist design depicts the bond shared between humans and their pets. It features the silhouette of a person's face with a cat nestled on their shoulder. If you love your furry friend, this design is for you!

Emba: Cat hug tattoo


Moon Child by EMBA Sticker Tattoo

This ecological temporary tattoo contains more detail and symbolism than many of EMBA's other minimalist line drawings. At first, the image appears to be a simple depiction of a woman's reproductive system. But closer inspection reveals a world hidden within! We see two women's faces within the uterus, separated by a crescent moon. This powerful design is perfect for a modern woman who wants to celebrate the strength of the collective sisterhood.

This design is also available in a smaller version. Check out our small moon child fake tattoo here.

Emba: Uterus moon tattoo


Blossoming by EMBA Temporary Tattoo

This design is perfect for anyone captivated by nature's power. It depicts a human face atop a torso created from leafy vines. The delicate line drawing is a beautiful and inspiring way to reflect your connection to nature.

Emba: Human body made from flowers tattoo


Featherhead Eco-Friendly Fake Tattoo by EMBA

We love this thought-provoking design, which shows a young person in a contemplative pose. Closer inspection reveals the outline of a bird within the person's head. Perhaps they are dreaming of freedom, sweet songs, or future adventures.

Emba: Man with bird brain tattoo


Dual Kiss by EMBA Ephemeral Tattoo

Another one of EMBA's optical illusions, this design consists simply of a wavy line and two dots. Yet, it contains a much deeper story. Depicting two people joined together forever in a dreamy expression, this is a unique way to represent your connection with another person - or even the dual nature of your personality!

Emba: Dual kiss tattoo


Which of EMBA's Sticker Tattoos is Your Favorite?

If these elegant and introspective designs inspire you, this is your chance to try them out for yourself! EMBA’s plastic-free temporary tattoos arrive in a set of three, so they are perfect for sharing with friends and trying out his unique style.

EMBA's minimalist aesthetic gives each design an enduring feel, and the hidden symbolism contained challenges the viewer to find their own meaning within each. We hope you enjoy trying out his unique style and that you find a design that speaks to you.

Be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram so we can see how you've used our eco-friendly temporary tattoos. Don't forget to tag us (@tattecogram)!

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