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Matching Temporary Tattoos You Should Get With Your Loved Ones

Love Matching

Do you have a special someone in your life that you want to carry around with you no matter where you are? Maybe you just want a little memento to show your love for them? Well, a matching temporary tattoo could help you achieve just that. But, matching non-permanent tattoos aren’t just for couples. That’s right, you can get a matching fake tattoo with just about anyone that you love.
Matching temporary tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. From quotes to symbols, and even elaborate personalized pieces that are unique to your relationship with that person, the opportunities are truly endless. Whether you’re getting a temp tattoo with a friend, a lover, or a family member, here are X matching temporary tattoos that could be perfect for you:
 Environmentally-friendly Matching Hearts Temporary Tattoos
Eco-friendly Matching You Are My Person Temporary Tattoos
Recyclable Matching Sun And Moon Temporary Tattoo
Environmentally-friendly matching crescent moon temporary tattoos
Environmentally-friendly Matching X and O Temporary Tattoos
Plastic-free key and keyhole temporary tattoo

Different Types of Matching Temporary Tattoos

As previously mentioned, there are various types of matching temporary tattoos to choose from. While many opt for the other person’s name, there is always the risk of the relationship ending and this leading to regret. Instead, symbols and quotes are a more subtle yet just as powerful way of expressing your love for that special someone in your life.

The symbol or quote you get depends entirely on your relationship with the other person. For example, couples often get two halves of a heart. Others get a key and keyhole design symbolizing that they have the key to each other’s hearts.

Many best friends get crescent moons. This is especially relevant to women because of their affinity with the moon’s cycles. Family members commonly get script or quotes such as “big sis” and “lil sis” between siblings, for example.

The Benefits of Trying a Temporary Tattoo

While getting a tattoo with your best friend, partner, or sibling is very exciting, it’s important that you think it through. Opting for a temporary tattoo gives you the chance to explore different designs and various locations on the body. Instead of rushing into a decision, you get a chance to test the waters so that you can get a permanent design that you truly love.

If you’d like to try a fake tattoo before opting for the real thing, check out our Tatteco collections. We offer a wealth of matching temporary tattoos, all of which are made using non-toxic materials and ink. Best of all, they’re plastic-free and last for 3 to 5 days.

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