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8 Meaningful Words for Your Next Temporary Tattoo

Lettering Words

There’s a famous proverb by Aristotle that says “the soul never thinks without an image,” but he probably never laid eyes on a meaningful one-word tattoo.

Having one powerful word properly placed on your body can convey a myriad of emotions. And, temporary tattoos allow you to play around with the way you express these feelings without making a permanent addition to your body.

One-word temporary tattoos are simple and elegant, but the right word can have a profound effect. Below, we’ll share 8 compelling one-word temporary tattoos to inspire your next piece of non-permanent artwork.


"You" eco-friendly minimalist temporary tattoo

Out of all the one-worders in this article, the term you is probably the simplest, yet the most relatable alternative. This word can refer to a person or group of people when used in a literal way, but it can also describe the immaterial being that inhabits our physical vessel.

After all, you are the master of Your Own Universe and this tattoo allows you to express exactly that idea. Especially if you choose a symbolic placement, like close to your heart.


Minimalist typewriter font "Alive." eco-friendly temporary tattoo.

Being alive is challenging, there is no question about that. But, it’s also an amazing opportunity to intake all the great things life, Mother Nature, and other good-hearted humans have to offer. Life is a grueling battle all the way to the end, but the word alive implies that we need to keep going and appreciate every moment for what it is.

Whether it’s good or bad, we’re lucky to be alive and this tattoo can help remind you of that truth.


Minimalist "Love" eco-friendly temporary tattoo

Love is one of the most powerful and well-known words in the English dictionary. It’s the purest expression of affection, kindness, and altruism that can be applied to any concept of life - your city, pets, friends, family, partner, and of course, yourself.

It’s important to note that love can carry a sacred, pure, romantic, and sensual connotation. The placement of your temporary tattoo will help you portray the right idea. When placed on the base of the neck, spine, and wrists, this the love tattoo has a pure and sacred vibe. If you choose to put it closer to the heart, lower abdomen, and lower back, this tattoo gives off romantic and sensual energies.


Minimalist 'faith' temporary tattoo - Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly

Whether we put our trust in people, institutions, or ideas, humans are faithful by nature. This concept can be applied to pretty much all areas of our lives, with the main idea being to never stop believing.

It’s inspired songwriters, poets, and painters to create some of their most beautiful and emotion-filled pieces. Likewise, finding the right place for this subtle, yet moving word can help remind you to stay true to your beliefs, even in the toughest times.


"seek" temporary tattoo - eco-friendly and environmentally friendly

The word seek means to search for. Throughout human history, philosophers and other intellectuals have described life as the constant search for love, happiness, truth, peace, and balance.

This one-word tattoo is unique because even though we are all seeking different things during our lifetime, we share a similar journey and the main goal is to achieve our goals.


minimalist handwritten "always" temporary tattoo - eco-friendly and environmentally friendly

Despite the fact that some people avoid using absolute words, most of us enjoy the idea that our emotions, ideas, and other parts of our identity are ever-lasting. This is the reason why the word always is gaining popularity as a small, but meaningful tattoo.

Needless to say, the feeling in this tattoo can stem from different places. Most of us want our significant others, children, family, and friends to know that our that they can always count on us, and there is no better tattoo to help you express this idea than this one.


Handwritten font "sunshine" temporary tattoo - eco-friendly and environmentally friendly

The sun gives life to almost all life forms on our planet. Animals, plants, humans, and other organisms all depend on the sunshine that rains down from this celestial body. Likewise, a temporary tattoo with the word sunshine can be a symbol of the light you bring to the world.

Not only this, but from a symbolic perspective, sunshine signifies happiness, strength, and growth. Just like the sun allows plants to grow strong, this sunshine tattoo can work as a symbol of the strength and perseverance that many of us identify with.


Eco-friendly "breathe" temporary tattoo, handwritten font

Even though we don’t actively think about breathing, we all rely on this action to stay alive. Once you think about it, it’s no surprise that the breathe tattoo is so symbolic. Every breath we take is a gift, so this piece serves as a reminder to take the time to relax and enjoy what’s going on around you.

There are many parts of your body where this tattoo would look amazing, but putting it somewhere you can easily see it is a good idea because it will remind you to chill out and be patient, regardless of the situation you’re facing.

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