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Show Your Love for New York City with these Temporary Tattoos


New York Tattoos: New York handwritten quote tattoo


New York City has a special way of capturing your heart. Around the world, this iconic city is considered the intellectual hub of the United States, a city that never stops moving, and a place where dreams are made or broken.

Once you've lived in the city, you'll never forget the experience, and all future cities will be compared to it - for better or worse.

Many people choose a tattoo to honor their favorite city, and this is especially popular in NYC, where there is a thriving tattoo culture. Whether you were born and bred in the Big Apple or are a recent transplant, a tattoo is a wonderful way to show your pride.

In this blog post, we’ll share our best NYC temporary tattoos with you for inspiration. Created from 100% recyclable, plastic-free materials, our fake tattoos give you an opportunity to experiment with different styles, designs, and placements before making a commitment.

Our New York-inspired fake tattoos are also ideal for occasional use. If you live far from your favorite city, wearing one of these tattoos can provide a taste of home when you're feeling homesick. They'd also make a great addition to a NY destination wedding or theme party.

Say it in words

Sometimes the simplest way to show your love for the city is with words. This is a classic option with a clear meaning - I love this city. We have several options for you to choose from:

  • Our handwritten 'New York City' temporary tattoo is an elegant and understated way to show your love for the city or the entire state.


New York Tattoos: New York City cursive handwriting tattoo


  • The design of this uppercase NYC tattoo has a distinctive, edgy feel to it, just like The City That Never Sleeps. With its rough edges and imperfect lines, this font reminds us of words chalked or spray painted onto a wall, recalling the vivid street art and graffiti found throughout the city.
New York Tattoos: NYC Capital letter tattoo


  • Keep it simple with this handwritten 'nyc' tattoo. This beautiful handwritten font has a timeless appeal, just like the city itself.

New York Tattoos: nyc small handwriting tattoo


Show your love for The Big Apple

Do you know why it’s called "The Big Apple"? This is one of the most popular nicknames for the city, but many people are unaware of the origins of its famous moniker. The term was initially popularized in the late 1920s by sportswriter John J. Fitz Gerald, who frequently used it in connection to horse racing.

Within a few years, Jazz musicians adopted the name to describe Harlem, the world's jazz capital at that time. The phrase rose to its current popularity during the 1970s financial crises to remind New Yorkers that they were once a powerful city and could regain their former glory.

Today, this nickname - and the rosy red apple that symbolizes it - is a popular motif, emblazoned on coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters, and of course, tattoos! You can try out this concept with our fine line Big Apple temporary tattoo, which features the letters "NY" inside a minimalist outline of an apple.

New York Tattoos: Big Apple NYC Tattoo


An iconic skyline

What better way to pay homage to NYC than with its iconic skyline? Our detailed black and white NY skyline tattoo features the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other famous Manhattan landmarks. This abstract interpretation of the cityscape pays homage to the city and its beloved landmarks.

New York Tattoos: NYC Skyline Tattoo


NY's leading lady

Of course, no discussion of New York-inspired tattoos would be complete without a tribute to the Statue of Liberty! This iconic symbol of freedom and democracy is a reminder that we are fortunate enough to live in a free society where everyone's voice matters. Try out this idea with our intricate Statue of Liberty fake tattoo, which features a realistic rendition of the Mother of Liberty.

New York Tattoos: Statue of Liberty black and white tattoo on wrist


Celebrate NY's art scene

One of New York's most famous and beloved artists is Jean-Michelle Basquiat, who was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1960. He contributed to the vibrant and powerful art movement in the 1980s and his work has since become iconic worldwide. Our Basquiat crown sticker tattoo is a simple way to show your appreciation for his work and contributions to the city’s art scene.

New York Tattoos: Basquiat Crown Tattoo


Celebrate the most American city

Many people consider New York City the most American of all the cities in the United States. From its unique culture to its diverse population and dynamism, the city has been a beacon for immigrants for centuries. For many, NY is synonymous with the American flag, and our black USA flag fake tattoo is a cool way to show appreciation for the flag and every New Yorker's favorite color! This is also a great design to wear on public holidays such as 4th of July.

Black USA Flag Tattoo


A classic city scene

Throughout the city, it is common to see birds perched atop the many wires that traverse the skyline. As a symbol of independence and freedom, our bird on a wire design is a unique way to celebrate a common scene and the symbolism of this elegant design.

Small bird on a wire temporary tattoo


So many ways to show your love!

If you're looking for a way to show your love for this amazing city, then look no further than these New York City-inspired temporary tattoos! 

Most of our sticker tattoos come in a set of three, which makes them perfect for sharing with friends or trying out placements. You can expect them to last on your skin for 3 - 5 days, so you can get a feel for your chosen design before making a commitment. If you are looking for longer lasting designs, why not try our two week tattoos?

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