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The Ultimate Guide to Celtic Motherhood Knot Temporary Tattoos


Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: Small Celtic motherhood tattoo


Many people are drawn to Celtic or Celtic-inspired symbols. With their captivating knots and intricate details, they have become a popular tattoo motif. If you're considering getting this type of tattoo, it's important to understand the meaning and origin of your chosen design before getting inked.

In today's blog post, we'll focus specifically on Celtic mother-child knots, which are a top choice for women who want to celebrate their motherhood with a Celtic-inspired design. These intricate designs have deep meaning and are a beautiful way to show love for your children.

In this blog post, we will explore the history and symbolism of Celtic motherhood knots and share our favorite Celtic-inspired motherhood temporary tattoos with you. We'll also clear up some common misinformation about the origins of these designs, so you are fully informed before getting inked.

Celtic Motherhood Knots: A Modern Symbol

The first thing to know is that Celtic motherhood knots are not ancient symbols. There is a huge amount of misinformation online, and many people are unaware that this design is not a traditional or ancient one.

Instead, it's better to think of this symbol as a Celtic-inspired design. And in order to understand why people are drawn to these designs, it's essential to understand the history of these symbolic knots.

Celtic knots are a type of interlaced knot pattern that first started appearing in the 3rd and 4th centuries C.E. They are found in many cultures around the world but are most associated with Celtic culture.

Two eras define Celtic knot patterns: pre-Christianity and post-Christianity. The spread of Christianity in the Celtic Isles led to the merging of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon traditions, which created the insular art that is most recognizably "Celtic" today.

In England, the Viking invasions of the 9th century C.E. brought an end to the insular art period, but in Ireland, it continued until around the 12th century. Today, Celtic knots are still a recognizable and important part of Irish visual history.

These designs are featured in artwork, jewelry, and even architecture. If you have visited Ireland, you know that this symbol can be found in every souvenir and gift shop along the way. And while some people will claim to be selling an ancient symbol, in many cases, the design is a modern interpretation of a traditional or ancient design.

Celtic Motherhood Knots Are Inspired by Older Designs

While Celtic motherhood knots are not ancient symbols, they are inspired by older designs. Let’s explore the origins of our eco-friendly Celtic motherhood knot ephemeral tattoos.

Triquetra-Inspired Fake Tattoos

Our motherhood knot sticker tattoos are primarily inspired by the triquetra, a three-pointed knot that has been found in artwork dating back to the 3rd century C.E. Also referred to as the trinity knot, it's believed to represent the Holy Trinity in Christianity, but it also has a long history in paganism and Celtic mythology.

In paganism, the triquetra symbolizes the triple goddess, a female deity representing the three stages of womanhood: maiden, mother, and crone. This symbol is often used to represent feminine power and strength, making it a perfect symbol for any mother.

Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: triqueta tattoo


This mother child symbol temporary tattoo is among the most popular of our Celtic-inspired fake tattoos. With its interlacing knots, it clearly reflects the traditional elegance of a triquetra knot.

Celtic Motherhood knot tattoo: Mother and child Celtic tattoo


This design is available in a variety of sizes and formats, including:

Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: mother and child fine line tattoo



Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: Tiny motherhood knot tattoo


Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: Mother of two knot tattoo


Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: semi permanent motherhood knot tattoo


Temporary Tattoos Inspired by the Love Knot

The Celtic love knot is a relatively new Celtic symbol. Known as the Anam Cara, which means "soul friend" in Irish, it symbolizes an everlasting love relationship. It's a beautiful representation of the deep love shared between a mother and her children.

These designs feature two interlocking hearts, often found in an oval shape. It is thought that the Celts exchanged these knots in the same way that we do today with rings, and they are now a popular choice for engagement, wedding rings, and tattoos.

We designed this plastic-free Celtic motherhood love knot temporary tattoo to reflect the history and meaning of the traditional love knot. Featuring two interlocking hearts, it's a meaningful and eye-catching way to showcase a mother's love for her children.

Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: Celtic motherhood symbol tattoo


The Symbolism of Motherhood Knot Temporary Tattoos

The meaning behind our Celtic-inspired motherhood knots fake tattoos is less complicated than their history! Regardless of its origins, people choose this design to represent the everlasting bond shared between a mother and her child(ren).

The design itself symbolizes the protective and enduring nature of the mother-child relationship. It represents maternal love and the powerful bond that remains even after the child leaves its mother's arms. While a child can outgrow its mother's embrace, the mother will always carry her child in her heart.

While our ecological mother-child symbol fake tattoo is most often chosen by mothers, anyone who wants to honor this relationship could wear the design. For example, a father might choose the design as a way to honor the most important people in his life.

A child might also choose this tattoo to show their love and appreciation for their mother. It might even be used as a matching tattoo between a mother and her child as a visual representation of their eternal bond.

How to Choose Your Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo

Those who do not have an understanding of Celtic symbols may claim that a design is a "genuine" Celtic symbol, but now you know better! However, this shouldn't stop you from getting one of these fascinating symbols inked on your skin.

Motherhood knots may be a modern interpretation, but they reflect a deep and beautiful history. After all, there are only a few true Celtic symbols in existence, and it would be quite boring if we all chose the same one! You can feel confident about choosing a Celtic-inspired design if you are drawn to its history and appreciate its modern usage.

When choosing your design, consider the following:

  • The meaning of the symbol - as mentioned, some knots represent the Holy Trinity while others are used to symbolize everlasting love. Consider what you want your tattoo to represent before making your final decision.
  • The size and shape of the tattoo - you can choose a design with several loops to represent multiple children; the size of the design is also an important factor 
  • Placement of your tattoo - our Celtic motherhood knot temporary tattoos offer you the ideal way to try before you buy since they come in a set of three

Which Celtic Motherhood Sticker Tattoo Will You Choose?

Now that you know more about the meaning and history of our Celtic-inspired mother-child fake tattoos, it's time to choose your own design! Our collection features a range of different designs, so you're sure to find one that's just right for your family.

We'd love to see how you use our motherhood knot temporary tattoos - share your "ink" with us on social media and don't forget to tag @tattecogram!

If you'd like to learn more about other Celtic-inspired family designs, check out this blog post: Celtic-Inspired Family Unity Temporary Tattoos. 

Celtic motherhood knot tattoo: Celtic family unit tattoo


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