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Top 10 Flirty & Sexy Temporary Tattoos


There are so many different reasons why people choose to get tattoos. Some lean towards more contemplative ink, such as memorial or motivational tattoos. Other people prefer more lighthearted, whimsical, or fun designs.

And some people love tattoos that clearly convey: "I'm sexy and I know it!"

Tattoos with a sexy, flirty, or cheeky vibe provide a perfect conversation starter (wink, wink). They also show the world that you're confident in your own skin and aren't afraid to have a little bit of fun.

That being said, you might not always want to send this type of message! In this case, you might hide your tattoo in a concealed location and reveal it only when desired. Or you could use some of our cheeky temporary tattoos to get the same effect. Enjoy all the fun of a flirty tattoo without having to live with it forever!

Our eco-friendly sexy fake tattoos are the perfect way to show off your flirtatious side without making a permanent commitment. They're also great for those who aren't quite ready to take the plunge into getting a real tattoo.

Several of these designs are available in sets of 100, making them the perfect way to add excitement and amp up the romance at your wedding or other celebration!

Not sure which temporary tattoo design is right for you? Today we'll share our top 10 flirty ephemeral tattoos with you. Grab a few sets to try out these designs before getting inked, use them to surprise your partner, give them as a gift, or spice things up at your next party!

#1. Kiss mark fake tattoo

Kiss mark temporary tattoo

This red kiss mark temporary tattoo looks exactly like a fresh lipstick kiss on your skin! It's perfect for those who want to show off their flirtatious side without saying a word. You might wear this design to show that you are very loved, or to give someone a clue on where you'd like to be kissed.

We also have this ecological little kiss mark fake tattoo for you to consider. And, if you're planning a wedding, party, or other trysts, consider this set of 100 kiss mark temporary tattoos to spice things up!

#2. 'Kiss here' temporary tattoo

Kiss Here

Where would you like to be kissed? Clear up any confusion with our handwritten 'kiss here' temporary tattoo. It's perfect for those who want to be kissed in a specific spot, or who want to let their partner know exactly where they'd like some attention.

This design also comes in some other configurations:

#3. 'Bite me' sticker tattoo

Bite Me Temporary Tattoo

There are two ways to interpret this cheeky 'bite me' temporary tattoo. The first is that you're feeling a little bit naughty and are looking for some fun. Or you could choose it to show your irreverence towards authority!

Whether you want to show off your playful side or your independent nature, this tattoo will get the message across. We offer this message in several different versions:

#4. 'Yes, sir' temporary tattoo

Yes, Sir Temporary Tattoo

Our typewriter font 'yes sir' fake tattoo is most often used as a tongue-in-cheek way of showing your "obedience." We're guessing that most people who choose this design won't actually be following very many instructions (not without an eye roll, anyway)!

Of course, you might pick this design as a way to show your romantic partner that their wish is your command. It would also make a fun gift to give your partner in crime.

This design comes in a few other versions:

#5. 'Lucky you' sticker tattoo

Lucky You Temporary Tattoo

Can you imagine giving your partner this typewriter font 'lucky you' temporary tattoo? They'll certainly wonder what good thing is coming their way! Or, better yet, make yourself the gift and let them discover just how lucky they are to have you in their life.

#6. 'Oh hey' temporary tattoo

Oh Hey temporary tattoo

This design is a great way to show off your fun and flirty personality. This plastic-free 'oh hey' temporary tattoo is perfect for those who want to add a bit of excitement to their day. If you're feeling playful, put this tattoo on your shoulder or back so it can be discovered as a surprise!

This design also comes in a smaller version. Check out this small 'oh hey' ephemeral tattoo for use on more delicate (or intimate!) parts of your body.

#7. 'Wild' fake tattoo

Wild Temporary Tattoo

Looking for a way to show off your adventurous side? Or perhaps you want to let your romantic partner know exactly what to expect tonight? If you're feeling particularly untamed or just want to add some spice to your outfit, then our handwritten 'wild' fake tattoo is a great option to consider.

This design also comes in the following versions:

Wild temporary tattoo

#8. 'Good girl' temporary tattoo

Good girl temporary tattoo

The irony of our eco-friendly 'good girl' fake tattoo is that it's often worn by girls who are anything but! This fun and cheeky temporary tattoo is a great way to show off your naughty side and let your partner know you're up for a little bit of mischievous adventure.

To show off your playful side for a bit longer, opt for our 'good girl' semi-permanent tattoo instead and enjoy the fun for up to 2 weeks.

#9. Fire flame fake tattoo

Fire flame temporary tattoo

Set your partner's heart on fire with our fire flame temporary tattoo. This design is perfect for couples who want to add some heat to their relationship and let each other know they're still hot for one another.

This design also sends the clear message that you're hot and you know it! Wear our fire flame long-lasting fake tattoo on your next vacation or to a party to amp up your self-confidence and show the world how incredible you are.

For a slightly different message, consider this flaming heart temporary tattoo. You might use this design to say, "watch out, I set hearts on fire" or show your burning passion for your partner.

#10. 'Peachy' sticker tattoo

Peachy temporary tattoo

This fun and flirty 'peachy' temporary tattoo is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of cheeky sweetness to their life. Often used as a euphemism for a well-rounded derriere, this design shows the world that you are sexy, and you know it.

You could also try our peach emoji ephemeral tattoo for a modern and fresh way to show off your appeal. Or opt for our handwritten 'peachy' semi-permanent tattoo to enjoy the effects for longer.

Which sexy fake tattoo is right for you?

Flirty temporary tattoos are a great way to add a dose of excitement and adventure to your sex life. Whether you want to show off your naughty side or just let your partner know you're still hot for them, there's a design on this list that's perfect for you. So go ahead and find the right sexy ephemeral tattoo for your next night in or night out on the town!

There are so many ways to use our cheeky fake tattoos, and we always love seeing how you use them - if you dare! Share with us on Instagram (@tattecogram) and don't forget to tag us in your photos using #tatteco!

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