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Top 10 Self-Empowerment & Self-Love Temporary Tattoos

Feminism Self-love

For many, the most effective motivation comes from within. This is what self-empowerment and self-love are all about – believing in our own abilities and worthiness and taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, we are our own worst critics, so the practice of self-love does not always come easy. If you've made a commitment to trust your instincts, care for yourself first, follow your dreams, and take charge of your destiny, then you're off to a good start!

You may hit some roadblocks along the way. There might be times when you doubt your ability to persevere. When these challenges occur, you may need a reminder to stay the course and remain true to yourself.

One fantastic way to do this is through a tattoo. By choosing an image or phrase that resonates with you, you can create a physical and visual representation of your commitment to love, trust, and accept yourself.

Of course, you'll want to think about your choice of tattoos carefully before getting inked. That's where our eco-friendly self-empowerment tattoos come in! We've designed a range of high-quality temporary tattoos with powerful messages of self-love and confidence. And, because they're only temporary, you can experiment with different designs until you find the perfect one for you!

Our self-love fake tattoos aren't just for those considering permanent ink. Many people use our designs solely for temporary usage! They're perfect for giving yourself a boost exactly when you need it or for getting through a specific situation (our collection of 2-week temporary tattoos is perfect for this!). Our self-love temporary tattoos are also a wonderful way to share an uplifting message with a friend.

Not sure which self-confidence sticker tattoo is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about our top 10 self-empowerment and self-love temporary tattoos!

#1. 'Be brave' temporary tattoo

Handwritten 'be brave' temporary tattoo

True bravery comes from within. It’s the ability to trust our instincts and know that we’ll find a way to navigate any situation, no matter how challenging it is. This simple but powerful message is perfect for anyone who is working on building confidence. It's a great reminder that we all have the strength to overcome our fears and achieve our goals.

We offer several variations on this design, but our ecological handwritten 'be brave' temporary tattoo is the most popular. Here are other options to consider:

#2. 'I am enough' fake tattoo

I am enough temporary tattoo

Our plastic-free 'I am enough' fake tattoo is perfect for anyone struggling with self-doubt or inadequacy. It's a strong reminder that you have everything you need to be happy and successful – just as you are.

This message is available in several different styles, so you can find the perfect one for your unique situation:

#3. 'Stay wild' sticker tattoo

Stay wild temporary tattoo

This carefree and fun message is perfect for anyone who wants to let their inner child out to play! It's a great reminder to live life to the fullest and not take yourself too seriously. This eco-friendly 'stay wild' temporary tattoo is perfect for independent thinkers who value their ideals over the opinions of others.

Our 'stay wild' fake tattoo comes in a few different styles:

#4. 'Alis volat propriis' fake tattoo

Alis volat propriis temporary tattoo

This beautiful Latin phrase translates to "she flies with her own wings." It's perfect for anyone who is working on achieving their goals and living their best life. Our 'alis volat propriis' temporary tattoo is a proud message of independence, strength, and self-sufficiency.

This design comes in a few different styles:

#5. 'Still I rise' temporary tattoo

Maya Angelou's words are perfect for anyone who has faced adversity and come out stronger on the other side. Our plastic-free 'still I rise' temporary tattoo is a message of hope and resilience that is perfect for anyone who is working to overcome challenges in their life. It's a reminder that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you always have the strength to get back up again.

We offer this design in several different styles, including:

#6. 'Entirely up to me' sticker tattoo

Entirely up to me temporary tattoo

Our handwritten 'entirely up to me' sticker tattoo is an excellent choice for anyone who is working to take control of their life and make their dreams a reality. It is a reminder that you are the only one who can create the life you want. These words can help you stay motivated, remind you to trust your inner voice, and help you shrug off words of doubt from others.

#7. 'More wolf than woman' temporary tattoo

More wolf than woman temporary tattoo

Our handwritten 'more wolf than woman' temporary tattoo is an elegant design with a fierce spirit. Referencing the famous words of Nikita Gill, this design is ideal for anyone who identifies with the wild and untamed spirit of the wolf. It is a powerful reminder that women are not delicate, gentle spirits to be tamed, but fiercely intelligent individuals capable of changing the world through their actions.

#8. 'She persisted' fake tattoo

She persisted temporary tattoo

Our handwritten 'she persisted' fake tattoo features words that have become a rallying cry for women everywhere. The irony behind these words is that they were most recently and famously said by a man in an attempt to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren. But rather than being silenced, women around the world latched onto these words and now use them as a catchphrase for the indomitable spirit of women, who will always make their voice heard in the face of adversity.

We also offer this design in our collection of 2-week temporary tattoos. Check out this skin-safe 'she persisted' semi-permanent tattoo for a version that will last on your skin for up to 24 days.

#9. 'Keep going' temporary tattoo

Keep going temporary tattoo

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just keep going. Our cursive 'keep going' temporary tattoo is a reminder to never give up on yourself or your dreams. When times are tough, sometimes the best thing you can do is continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. This simple but powerful message can help you push through tough times and come out stronger on the other side.

For other options, check out these variations:

#10. 'Fearless' fake tattoo

Fearless temporary tattoo

Our ecological 'fearless' fake tattoo is the perfect way to show the world that you are unafraid and ready to take on whatever comes your way. These words are a reminder that you are strong, capable, and worthy of achieving your goals. This design is perfect for those who truly are fearless - or those seeking a bit of encouragement to get there.

We also have these options to consider:

Which Self-Empowerment Fake Tattoo Will You Choose?

We hope these fake tattoos about self-love and confidence have inspired you. Most of our designs come in a set of three (set of 2 for our semi-permanent tats), so they are the best way to try out a design before committing to ink.

In addition, our self-empowerment fake tattoos are great for sharing with friends or family members who might also need a reminder of how amazing and powerful they are. Or you can use them temporarily when your confidence is low, and you need a boost of empowerment to get through the day.

No matter which tattoo you choose, we hope it reminds you how amazing and capable you are. Don't forget to tag us in your photos (@tattecogram) or use the hashtag #tatteco so we can see how you rock our self-empowerment fake tattoos!

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